SurgeX's Roadmap to IC22

Steve Trunkett, Director, Global Sales at SurgeX
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AVT Question: Please share your company's philosophy, vision, and product roadmap heading into InfoComm 2022. [June 2022]

Thought Leader: Steve Trunkett, Director, Global Sales at SurgeX

It’s been quite a while since SurgeX last hit the InfoComm show floor, but despite how technologies (and everything else) have evolved over the past couple years, one thing remains consistent: Power anomalies are a risk to electronics all over—from the home office to the corporate boardroom to the dealer showroom. A strong power foundation must be in place to keep things up and running. Homes and commercial spaces both rely on more technology than ever, and for InfoComm 2022, SurgeX is excited to bring forth a portfolio of trusted power protection solutions that safeguard AV equipment, ensure performance continuity, and enable remote monitoring. 

"SurgeX is excited to bring forth a portfolio of trusted power protection solutions that safeguard AV equipment, ensure performance continuity, and enable remote monitoring." —Steve Trunkett, Director, Global Sales at SurgeX

The award-winning SQUID power management system will be on display at the SurgeX booth. Providing AC/DC power protection, boxed network control, and analytical software in one compact chassis, SQUID streamlines installation of the most highly sought-after and critical power management and monitoring tools for electronics and AV systems. Integrators no longer have to install a product for AC, another for DC, and yet another to monitor and control the power environment. It is the perfect solution for collaborative flex environments, huddle spaces, and other tight-spaced AV settings.

SurgeX will also display its new line of UPS solutions with built-in isolation transformers. Available in three models, the line-interactive, cost-effective UPS + Isolation Transformer line safeguards sensitive connected equipment by eliminating neutral-ground voltage, reducing lockups, and mitigating downtime by completely isolating connected equipment from the grid and other electronic loads that can pollute the branch circuit. They feature a true sine wave interactive UPS to filter, condition, and stabilize power while simultaneously providing all the benefits of low-impedance isolation transformer technology at the rack level. The SurgeX UPS + Isolation Transformer solutions are virtually silent, making them an ideal match for showrooms, audio systems, and other sound-reliant installations.

InfoComm Booth: W1373

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