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AVT Question: With some trade shows having been canceled or scaled back and limited in-person meetings, it has been a challenge for technology managers to learn about a company's philosophy, vision, and product roadmap for the coming year. Would you share what you can about your 2022 company roadmap? [January 2022]

Thought Leader: Richard Bugg, ProAV Working Group Chair of Avnu Alliance

The user demand for cost-efficient ways to move audio over the network will continue this year. For professional audio applications, there is the added requirement for long-term stability to allow equipment investments to be amortized over a reasonable period. Systems also need to be easy to use if all the advantages of a network are to be realized. This means refinements in the user interface allowing remote operation, monitoring, and configuration to be done by end users who are not IT specialists.

An open standard helps support this movement to converge multiple systems on to a single network. This trend continues, as in the long term there is a demonstrated advantage in being able to share the cost of an infrastructure resource across multiple users.

"The future is open standards, tightly coupled with independent certification." — Richard Bugg, ProAV Working Group Chair of Avnu Alliance

There are open standards movements now across the industry that are raising awareness of the advantages of collaboration across vertical markets. Minor design adjustments can result in solutions that can then be applied across different applications, bringing the advantage of scale in reducing the cost for essential infrastructure.

The critical factors in the success of an open standard are how widely it is adopted and the level of conformance to the standard: How does one get uniform compliance across devices manufactured by competing manufacturers that are in multiple markets?

An example of how this can be done is the Milan protocol, created by pro AV manufacturers collaborating with IT standardization bodies such as the IEEE, to provide a deterministic network protocol for high-quality media transport in time-sensitive applications.

An independent association, the Avnu Alliance, was created to provide a neutral authority to guarantee interoperability. The Milan certification is the first independent certification program in the pro AV market. Standardized tests performed at independent test labs guarantee interoperability with other Milan-certified devices and create a no-compromise, open-standards-based network for real-time media delivery.

The future is open standards, tightly coupled with independent certification.

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