2023 Roadmaps from 39 Leading AV/IT Manufacturers

2023 Roadmaps for 39 Leading AV/IT Manufacturers
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We’re thrilled to provide you with exclusive access to the roadmaps of 39 industry-leading AV/IT manufacturers and solutions providers. We talked with CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, presidents, executive vice presidents and vice presidents, directors of product, sales, and global marketing, co-founders, chief innovation officers, and so many more involved in the direction of the companies they represent to bring you a rare insider’s perspective.

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Following are a few highlights from our interviews.

Sony Professional Display Solutions’ vice president, Rich Ventura said, “In 2023, Sony will focus on our core priorities: people, partnerships, products, and presentations—or as we call it, the Four Ps. People are the backbone of our organization and our public face to the community. They close deals, educate our community, support our customers, and ensure they remain loyal to Sony, while also helping create new relationships. Sony prioritizes employees’ health and well-being through flexible working arrangements, accommodating work/life balance initiatives, and opportunities for career growth and development.” Click here for the full interview.

Hall Technologies’ vice president of sales and marketing, Hal Truax said, “Our focus was and remains on connected classrooms and workplace collaboration technologies that help people reimagine the way we live, work, and play. That’s the “Hallway,” and it’s foundational to the way we innovate with human-centric products. Hall wants to make every interaction count, whether in the classroom, boardroom, or another environment.” Click here for the full interview.

Sennheiser’s executive vice president, Ron Holtdijk said, “We are excitedly planning to launch new hardware and software solutions this year that will improve the audio experience in a range of meeting spaces and classrooms while remaining sustainable and actively lowering our carbon footprint from production to installation. Click here for the full interview.

Legrand | AV’s president, Steven Durkee said, “In 2023, we believe that being the easiest partner to do business with is still the key to our partnerships, and we are making investments to meet that goal.” Click here for the full interview.

Yamaha Unified Communications’ senior director of technical sales and marketing, Holger Stoltze said, “In 2023, Yamaha UC continues to help companies create these new, attractive office environments. We will accomplish this in three ways: by announcing new hardware, releasing upgraded firmware and user interface improvements for existing products, and expanding our partnerships.” Click here for the full interview.

Atlona's director of marketing, Garth Lobban said, "As AV/IT progression moves forward, more of our customers are seeking flexible ways to remotely establish secure proxy connections between servers and gateways for control and management of AV equipment." Click here for the full interview.

IHSE’s marketing manager, Dan Holland said, “With a history of exceptional quality and performance, we see a perfect fit for next-gen IHSE products within markets such as broadcast, post-production, air traffic control, medical, government, and esports.” Click here for the full interview. 

Panasonic Connect North America’s vice president and general manager of Professional Imaging and Visual Systems, Ryan Carson said, “In 2023, we’re growing and expanding the hardware, software, and technical expertise of our connected team of engineers, partners, and creative thinkers so customers can capture and deliver shared experiences from start to finish.” Click here for the full interview.

Absen’s chief technology officer, Frank Ren said, “Virtual studio will continue to be an area of opportunity for growth, with Absen releasing new products dedicated for this burgeoning industry.” Click here for the full interview.

Shure’s associate director of product management, Luis Guerra said, “In 2023, customers can expect to see significant new features and continuous improvements to the entire award-winning Stem Ecosystem product line, including API for third-party control and improved mute sync capabilities.” Click here for the full interview.

Avocor’s senior vice president, Dana Corey said, “This year we have some exciting projects in the pipeline as Avocor consolidates its place as a true collaboration problem solver. Not only are we expanding our global footprint, but you’ll see some dynamic developments to our product portfolio.” Click here for the full interview.

Check out the sidebar to the right, for the full interviews of all 39 companies to gain more insight into 2023 roadmaps.

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