18 AV/IT Industry Thought Leaders On Displays

AV/IT Thought Leaders on Displays
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Macy O'Hearn

(Image credit: Future)

18 AV Technology's Thought Leaders On Displays: See the end of this article for the full list and links. 

I’m a big fan of my hometown WNBA team, the Connecticut Sun. Something I’m not a fan of? Loud, startling noises like balloons, fireworks, et cetera.

And so when the Sun started incorporating exploding pyrotechnics into the beginning of each game this past season, I found myself headed out to the concession stand while my favorite players were being introduced.

Sometime in the middle of the season, however, a shift occurred. Instead of blinding, balcony-level indoor fireworks, a brilliant explosion displayed on the arena’s four center-hung LED screens—in perfect time with the music—conveyed the drama of the moment. The team logo appeared, the crowd was hyped up, and the game began.

And I got to stay in my seat. It was a win for everyone.

In any environment, the right digital signage display with engaging content that is mindful of its audience can be just as good as (and in my case, better than) the real thing.

From a glittering panorama of NYC in a corporate lobby to large-scale LED artwork suspended over a museum courtyard—the projects completed by this group of contributors display that same considered approach, with an eye toward aesthetic pleasure and an impactful experience.

During and immediately after the pandemic, many of the most important digital signage installations we saw rolled out were focused almost exclusively on function; content helped with social distancing, wayfinding, and disseminating vital public safety information. Storytelling was, largely, put on the backburner; we needed to keep people moving, after all.

Since people have started fully engaging with public spaces again, however, there has been a renewed emphasis on form—with digital signage content offering total immersion in beautiful, thoughtfully planned experiences and limited only by the imagination.

Even where information is being conveyed—as in the case of a massive dvLED video wall used for marketing in a Swedish grocery store—the execution is such that the viewer still leaves with a sense of awe and entertainment.

Time and again, our contributors and their collaborators prove the endless versatility of digital signage—that it can be not only practical, but beautiful and (just maybe) an upgrade to reality. Another win for everyone.

18 AV Technology's Thought Leader Series: On Displays

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