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Jordan Feil, Director of Marketing at Navori Labs
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AVT Question: Please share your insights on display trends and best practices that can help deliver the best high-impact experience. 

Thought Leader: Jordan Feil, Director of Marketing at Navori Labs

As an industry, we often become fixated on the visual when we discuss how to create high-impact displays. We focus on resolution, pixel pitch, and similar technical elements. I would argue that display placement is equally important. The impact of digital signage is more often than not tied directly to display locations. Inside a shopping mall, for example, we suggest installing displays that invite consistent dwell times, such as within a food court, on an escalator, or inside an elevator. There is little benefit in creating content of exceptional quality if your audiences don’t have an opportunity to consume it.

There is little benefit in creating content of exceptional quality if your audiences don’t have an opportunity to consume it." — Jordan Feil, Director of Marketing at Navori Labs

Make no mistake, however: Users still need to create and deliver high-quality content. Content teams can take full advantage of the latest visual technologies in high-resolution LED screens, multi-display video walls, and other widescreen displays by producing 4K or even 8K content. It makes little sense to invest in the latest high-resolution display technology if the quality and resolution of your content is still created in 1080i or 1080p.

Content curation is another important component, as emphasizing personalized content based on audience demographics and behaviors will only strengthen the overall impact. Navori’s Aquaji marketing analytics platform is one option that can help content teams enhance content personalization and relevance.

Display manufacturers continue to bring more technologically advanced products to market with clearer and cleaner pictures. There are also some downsides, and that includes balancing the power consumption of modern displays with escalating energy costs. This is where choosing the right digital signage software can bring added benefits, such as creating a daily schedule that automates on-off functions. Whether driven by an organization’s green initiative or compliance with local energy-saving regulations, the digital signage software responsible for bringing high-impact content to your displays can also make a strong impact on reducing energy consumption across your display network.

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