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Debbie Dewitt, Marketing Communications Manager at Visix
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AVT Question: Please share your insights on display trends and best practices that can help deliver the best high-impact experience. 

Thought Leader: Debbie Dewitt, Marketing Communications Manager at Visix

No one considers PowerPoint an IT job, but clients often concentrate on the hardware size because it’s networked. Just like PowerPoint, digital signage is about the presentation—not what it’s presented on.

Let’s consider the fundamentals. There first needs to be an understanding of the audience that will consume the content, including demographics and interests. That base knowledge will help the user create and deliver relevant content that drives audience engagement. The ability to target content to different groups across many locations takes that effectiveness to the next level. Users can then create effective schedules that rotate specific messages during certain time slots. Dayparting will give people time to view, absorb, and react to a reasonable number of messages. We suggest rotating seven to ten key messages a day to optimize effectiveness.

Users will find that matching content to displays is far easier with a powerful CMS that lacks complication." — Debbie Dewitt, Marketing Communications Manager at Visix

High-impact displays are of course reliant on compelling design. Digital signage is a visual medium that benefits from users who understand design principles, necessitating effective graphic design skills that bring compelling visuals, graphics, and videos to the screen. Speaking of screens, the content should match the specific display. Understand what themes and visuals best work across the mix of endpoints on your network, from interactive touchscreens and kiosks to large, immersive video walls

Users will find that matching content to displays is far easier with a powerful CMS that lacks complication. Few businesses and organizations have the resources for dedicated design experts assigned to digital signage. Make sure the CMS you choose is easy to learn for multiple contributors, able to pull in data from external sources, and capable of advanced applications. That includes leveraging analytics within the CMS to keep tabs on what content plays where and when, who is contributing content, and who might need additional inspiration and training to ensure displays remain impactful and bring value to your communications strategy.

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