Listen Technologies Product Roadmap – Re: Pandemic

Listen Technologies responds to AV Technology Product Roadmap question: How has the pandemic shaped your company’s product/service offerings?
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Listen Technologies Product Roadmap – Re: Pandemic

AVT Question: How, if at all has the pandemic shaped your company’s product/service offerings? [October 2021]

Thought Leader: Sam Nord, Vice President, Global Sales, Listen Technologies

The past 19 months have illustrated the versatility of Listen Technologies’ solutions, as well as the creativity and adaptability of our partners and customers who continue to apply our systems beyond traditional assistive listening to meet their unique communication needs. Early on in the pandemic, we realized that for people who did not have the luxury of working from home, such as employees in the manufacturing sector, our ListenTALK solution worked great as a mechanism to overcome many of the challenges of hearing clearly while following safety precautions. Employees could hear and understand in noisy factory settings while maintaining physical distance and wearing face masks. 

We see ListenTALK’s value across other industries too, as more employees return to the workplace and need to communicate while following new rules pertaining to safety. For example, courthouses have used our assistive listening products for years. Now, they also use ListenTALK for safer sidebar conversations and lawyer-client communication. The system lets them speak confidentially, without getting too close. Similarly, we found ListenTALK became instrumental in the return-to-campus movement for many K-12 schools and universities. It allows for clear communication among students and instructors while maintaining recommended safety measures, and also facilitates communication between in-person and remote students in hybrid learning environments.

We have also seen a drastic increase in use of our Listen EVERYWHERE assistive listening solution. While there has always been great interest in a BYOD-based assistive listening system, the pandemic caused greater demand for a solution that allows users to be accommodated with limited interaction with outside devices. 

We will continue to deliver wireless listening solutions that facilitate communication and meet the unique needs of users in every environment.

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