InfoComm 2024 Impulses: Trends, Technologies, and What to Expect in Vegas

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InfoComm 2024 heads back to the Las Vegas Convention Center this June 8-14. As we have in the past, SCN turned to several InfoComm 2024 exhibitors to talk trends, technology, inspiration, and an exclusive special sneak preview of what they’ll show in their booths.

Bookmark this page, as we will bring you updates as more InfoComm Impulses exclusive interviews come in before the show. You can find out what they had to say below. 

Opticis Bring USB-C and 4K and 8K Extenders to Vegas

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"At InfoComm 2024, the need for high-definition 4K and 8K video transmission and new trends like USB Type-C are likely to be discussed a lot," said Dr. Hyun Kuk Shin, CEO, Opticis.

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Aurora Multimedia Talks Touchpanels and Tech

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"I expect the Aurora patented “ReAX Room” to be the technology talk of Infocomm 2024 as it is the first major change in over 30 years in control system topology. We will show that a touch interface can be more than just a fancy overpriced remote control and can be used as a daily essential tool," said Paul Harris, CEO/CTO, Aurora Multimedia.

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Vanguard Talks Color Quality and Infinity Controller

The Vanguard logo giving its InfoComm 2024 Impulse to SCN.

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"We think that color quality as opposed to being fixated on the smallest pixel pitch will be the technology stressed at InfoComm 2024, with color gamut, refresh rates and latency taking on great importance," said Michael Wiener, CEO and founder of Vanguard LED Displays

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Neoti Shines Bright with LED Displays

Neoti logo in its InfoComm Impulse for SCN.

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"Partnerships are critical right now, especially for smaller companies. I expect shared technology ecosystems to be front and center, and maybe even some partnerships none of us expected," said Camille Burch, marketing director, Neoti.

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Atlona Talks 21:9 Content and Education

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"We are hearing a lot of talk about the 21:9 aspect ratio, which I humorously equate to bringing the Cinemascope format into the office. What’s most interesting about this is the ability to do different things with your screens and presentation layouts. With Microsoft Teams Front Row layout, there is the ability to support 21:9 content in the top middle portion of the screen. On one side there may be a list of those attending the meeting along with their comments, with their faces arranged across the bottom. There are many possibilities of spreading multiple project elements across a screen for collaboration. Our Omega Series of collaboration products align well with the opportunities that 21:9 presentation brings to learning and meeting spaces," said Garth Lobban, director of marketing, Atlona

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IHSE Discusses KVM and Its Display Management Systems

The IHSE USA logo atop the InfoComm 2024 Impulses design.

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"This year we expect to see an increased interest in secure control room operations managed transparently between local workstations and remote workstation connections over an IP infrastructure. With today's increasing threats to computer and network systems, making systems resilient to attack is paramount. System integrators who design control rooms need to ensure the right products are used to support customer cybersecurity policies, including all subsystems and components, against the potential risk of attack and exploitation of vulnerabilities. Conversely, products must include a more open-source infrastructure that offers the ability to obtain, gather, process, and distribute information more effectively," said Dan Holland, marketing manager, IHSE USA

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Snap One on RMM Solutions

The Snap One logo on the InfoComm 2024 Impulses design.

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"This year at the show we expect to see more remote monitoring and management solutions. As the industry continues to shift towards a service model, these RMM solutions are becoming increasingly critical," said Scott Normand, commercial market senior director at Snap One.

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Synthax and AOIP Solutions

The InfoComm 2024 Impulses design introducing Synthax.

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"AI and further enhancements to AoIP, supply chain, [and the] future of audio networking formats," said Derek Badala, director of sales-The Americas, Synthax on what to expect at InfoComm 2024.

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Matrox Video Talks AV-Over-IP and SMPTE ST 2110

The Matrox Video logo over the InfoComm 2024 Impulses design.

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"We anticipate that the spotlight will be on the advanced capabilities and applications of AV-over-IP technologies, particularly in the context of live events, control rooms, and other mission-critical environments. Driven by the need for high-performance, secure, and scalable video production and distribution products—and enabled by evolving standards and AVoIP technologies—the convergence of AV and IT will be a dominant theme this year," said Spiro Plagakis, VP of product management at Matrox Video

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DVIGear Talks AVoIP and SDVoE Technologies

The DVIGear logo over the InfoComm 2024 Impulses desgin.

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"We have partnered with the SDVoE product team for more than 10 years.  Only SDVoE offers such a broad range of possibilities without compromise on image quality or performance.  SDVoE offers our developers the freedom to innovate in software without the limitations normally found in hardware-only based products.  This means that we can respond to varying customer requests in days rather than months or years," said Steven Barlow, president, DVIGear.

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ACT Entertainment Talks Interoperability

The ACT Entertainment logo on the SCN InfoComm 2024 Impulses design.

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"Given their impact on presentation events, technologies such as spatial audio, real-time position tracking, XR cameras and live video manipulation will continue to be major topics of discussion at InfoComm 2024. These technologies represent the cutting-edge of creating immersive and interactive environments, which are becoming increasingly significant in the AV industry," said Ryan Hindinger, ACT Entertainment market manager: concert touring and live experiences.

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G&D Talks KVM and Security Enhancements

The G&D logo on the SCN InfoComm 2024 Impulses design.

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"We expect that discussions at InfoComm 2024 will focus primarily on the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into AV systems and control rooms. These technologies, which enable a more intuitive, automated, and personalized interaction with audiovisual devices, and promise to revolutionize the user experience. I am looking forward to interesting presentations and workshops demonstrating how AI technology can be integrated into AV solutions and how artificial intelligence will impact our working environment in the long term. Additionally, advancements in IP solutions, which offer greater flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in managing audio and video content across various networks, will continue to draw significant attention," said Jon Litt, managing director of G&D North America.

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ENCO Talks AI and Virtual Production

The ENCO logo over the InfoComm 2024 Impulses design.

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"AI will be the dominant trend. Manufacturers in the AV space are applying AI in many different and creative ways. We see strong opportunity in the AV community for AI in the speech-to-text conversion realm, especially for live events and staging. That includes captioning as well as real-time, multi-lingual translations to engage a wider audience," said Ken Frommert, president, ENCO.

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AtlasIED Talks AI, the Atmosphere, and Turning 90

The AtlasIED logo over the SCN InfoComm 2024 Impulses design.

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"AI is becoming omnipresent in AV. For AtlasIED, we’re using AI in IntelliSee. IntelliSee overlays with existing video surveillance systems to continually monitor live camera feeds to detect accidents, threats, or other activities in real time. Once detected, instant alerts provide pre-determined stakeholders with the situational awareness and context needed to act quickly. We’re excited to bring the technology to InfoComm," said Matt Czyzewski, EVP, AtlasIED.

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Shure Talks the MXW neXt 2 and Enhancing the User Experience

The Shure logo over the SCN InfoComm 2024 Impulses design.

(Image credit: Shure)

"We anticipate the buzz to center around enhancing the overall user experience by introducing intuitive and easily configurable hardware, accompanied by cloud-based systems that provide users with convenient access and management of multiple programs," said Sean Bowman, associate VP, North America at Shure.

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