InfoComm 2024 Impulses: Matrox Video Talks AV-Over-IP and SMPTE ST 2110

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InfoComm 2024 heads back to the Las Vegas Convention Center this June 8-14. As we have in the past, SCN turned to several InfoComm 2024 exhibitors to talk trends, technology, inspiration, and an exclusive special sneak preview of what they’ll show in their booths.

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In today's addition to the InfoComm 2024 Impulses series, meet Spiro Plagakis, VP of product management at Matrox Video

Headshot of Spiro Plagakis, Vice President of Product Management at Matrox Video.

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SCN: What technology or industry trend do you expect to be the talk of InfoComm 2024?

Spiro Plagakis: We anticipate that the spotlight will be on the advanced capabilities and applications of AV-over-IP technologies, particularly in the context of live events, control rooms, and other mission-critical environments. Driven by the need for high-performance, secure, and scalable video production and distribution products—and enabled by evolving standards and AVoIP technologies — the convergence of AV and IT will be a dominant theme this year.

SCN: What is your company’s main focus at the show this year?

SP: At InfoComm 2024 we’ll demonstrate our comprehensive portfolio of products, including Matrox Extio 3 secure, high-performance IP KVM extenders; KMLync multi-monitor KVM switching over IP; Matrox Maevex encoders and decoders for ultra-low latency streaming and recording; and Matrox LUMA Pro graphics cards for creating IP-based video walls. These technologies enhance operator efficiency, enable collaboration over IP and support responsive decision-making in networked IP-based control rooms, live production environments, and other mission-critical settings. We’ll also showcase the latest updates to ConvertIP IPMX/ST 2110-ready encoders/decoders and converters, and ConductIP signal routing software for video production. Brand new technologies include the Mura distributed video wall appliance, and Vion, a next-generation IP video gateway. Booth visitors will discover how Matrox AVoIP products enable greater interoperability, cost efficiency, and scalability in Pro AV/IT environments.

Focusing on the value of open standards in enabling AVoIP workflows, we’ll highlight the impact of IPMX support in our ConvertIP product line. Helping system designers and end users to address common challenges such as limited interoperability, increased costs, and frustrating complexity, IPMX facilitates a smoother transition from traditional AV infrastructures to IP network infrastructures. Matrox Vion, the newest IP device from Matrox Video, further improves interoperability with support for NDI, SRT, and IPMX as well as H.264/HEVC.

SCN: How does InfoComm inspire you?

SP: InfoComm is a significant event for Matrox Video, as it draws organizations from across the AV market to see the latest innovations in AVoIP technology and workflows. The show inspires us to continue driving advances that address the needs of users across the modern media landscape, and particularly the AV industry’s increasing need for secure, high-performance video production and distribution over IP. As a major event for the industry, InfoComm also inspires by providing a venue in which we can connect with other industry professionals, hear fellow experts discuss the latest trends and technologies, and share our own knowledge. And through interaction with customers and other show attendees, we gain valuable feedback that helps us to ensure our products and products address the evolving needs of users across the industry.

SCN: Is interest in ST 2110 growing in the Pro AV marketplace?

SP: Interest in SMPTE ST 2110 is indeed growing in the Pro AV marketplace, driven by the benefits of IP workflows and by the advanced capabilities and quality of broadcast-grade equipment and infrastructure.

As the industry transitions to IP-based infrastructures, the need for standardized and interoperable products becomes increasingly important. Matrox Video is at the forefront in addressing this trend, offering products that support both ST 2110 and IPMX, a set of open standards and specifications for AVoIP. Built on ST 2110, as well as AES67 and NMOS, IPMX serves as a straightforward standards-based platform upon which manufacturers can build interoperable products that reduce the cost and complexity of AVoIP implementations.

Supporting both ST 2110 and IPMX, our ConvertIP standards-based encoders and decoders are designed for maximum flexibility, scalability, and interoperability, providing multiple input/output connectivity options for converting SMPTE ST 2110 IP signals between HDMI, HDBaseT, or SDI. This technology enables the efficient transmission of compressed and uncompressed 4K over IP, making it perfect for various Pro AV and broadcast workflows.

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