InfoComm 2024 Impulses: Snap One on RMM Solutions

The Snap One logo on the InfoComm 2024 Impulses design.
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InfoComm 2024 heads back to the Las Vegas Convention Center this June 8-14. As we have in the past, SCN turned to several InfoComm 2024 exhibitors to talk trends, technology, inspiration, and an exclusive special sneak preview of what they’ll show in their booths.

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In today's addition to the InfoComm 2024 Impulses series, meet Scott Normand, commercial market senior director at Snap One.

Smiling head shot of Scott Normand from Snap One.

(Image credit: Snap One)

SCN: What technology or industry trend do you expect to be the talk of InfoComm 2024?

Scott Normand: This year at the show we expect to see more remote monitoring and management solutions. As the industry continues to shift towards a service model, these RMM solutions are becoming increasingly critical.

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SCN: What is your company’s main focus at the show this year?

SN: Our main focus will be the bar and restaurant ecosystem. Snap One’s brands create the ideal ecosystem for these spaces, working together seamlessly to deliver an exceptional experience for the user.

SCN: How does InfoComm inspire you?

SN: I always find it inspiring at InfoComm to speak with our customers and others in the industry face-to-face. It allows us to gather feedback, identify key pain points, and identify more ways we can help our partners grow their businesses.

Wayne Cavadi
Senior Content Manager

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