InfoComm 2024 Impulses: AtlasIED Talks AI, the Atmosphere, and Turning 90

The AtlasIED logo over the SCN InfoComm 2024 Impulses design.
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InfoComm 2024 heads back to the Las Vegas Convention Center this June 8-14. As we have in the past, SCN turned to several InfoComm 2024 exhibitors to talk trends, technology, inspiration, and an exclusive special sneak preview of what they’ll show in their booths.

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In today's addition to the InfoComm 2024 Impulses series, Matt Czyzewski, EVP, AtlasIED.

Headshot of Matt Czyzewski, Executive Vice President, AtlasIED.

(Image credit: AtlasIED)

SCN: What technology or industry trend do you expect to be the talk of InfoComm 2024?

Matt Czyzewski: AI is becoming omnipresent in AV. For AtlasIED, we’re using AI in IntelliSee. IntelliSee overlays with existing video surveillance systems to continually monitor live camera feeds to detect accidents, threats, or other activities in real time. Once detected, instant alerts provide pre-determined stakeholders with the situational awareness and context needed to act quickly. We’re excited to bring the technology to InfoComm.

SCN: What is your company’s main focus at the show this year?

MC: Our main focus at InfoComm 2024 is launching a lineup of new products, including the addition of Dante-enabled products to our Atmosphere audio processing and control platform. We’ve had several requests from the industry for this addition, and continually listen to our customers’ feedback to meet their needs. We’re looking forward to introducing these additions and other new products to InfoComm attendees.

SCN: How does InfoComm inspire you? 

MC: InfoComm is an exciting show for us because it’s a community of thousands of people with a shared passion for innovation. I always look forward to the new technologies being launched at InfoComm as well as seeing industry colleagues. Last year, the show felt like it was slowly returning to its regular excitement, and hopefully, this year will be even bigger.

SCN: How will AtlasIED celebrate its 90th anniversary during InfoComm?

MC: One of the primary aspects of our history is innovation, and 90 years later, we are still delivering on that legacy of innovation by unveiling new products and technologies to InfoComm attendees.

Wayne Cavadi
Senior Content Manager

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