InfoComm 2024 Impulses: ACT Entertainment Talks Interoperability

The ACT Entertainment logo on the SCN InfoComm 2024 Impulses design.
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InfoComm 2024 heads back to the Las Vegas Convention Center this June 8-14. As we have in the past, SCN turned to several InfoComm 2024 exhibitors to talk trends, technology, inspiration, and an exclusive special sneak preview of what they’ll show in their booths.

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In today's addition to the InfoComm 2024 Impulses series, meet Ryan Hindinger, ACT Entertainment market manager: concert touring and live experiences.

Smiling headshot of Ryan Hindinger, ACT Entertainment Market Manager: Concert Touring & Live Experiences.

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SCN: What technology or industry trend do you expect to be the talk of InfoComm 2024?   

Ryan Hindinger: Given their impact on presentation events, technologies such as spatial audio, real-time position tracking, XR cameras and live video manipulation will continue to be major topics of discussion at InfoComm 2024. These technologies represent the cutting-edge of creating immersive and interactive environments, which are becoming increasingly significant in the AV industry.

SCN: What is your company’s main focus at the show this year?

RH: ACT Entertainment’s main focus at InfoComm 2024 is to showcase how our products not only excel individually but also enhance value when integrated with each other. The company aims to highlight solutions that offer seamless interoperability and high reliability in addition to delivering a superior experience—for our users and their clients. 

To highlight these efforts, we are bringing several of our manufactured and distributed brands and solutions to the show. Included among these are Visual Productions’ new Encolor T10 DMX Controller, designed for small, basic, single-zone, permanent installs. We will also feature the new Visual Productions PoeSwitch, which is ideal for powering the brand’s controllers in small- to medium-sized lighting control systems.

We’ll also showcase the renowned Green Hippo Hippotizer Media Server range for the first time since acquiring the brand. Finally, we will support our distributed brand, PK Sound, with demos of its groundbreaking T8/T18 Robotic Line Source System (in Demo Room N221).

SCN: How does InfoComm inspire you? 

RH: Each year, InfoComm inspires ACT Entertainment to showcase the potential of the latest technologies from across the many markets we serve, providing a platform to explore new ideas in technology convergence. The event helps fuel the company’s commitment to innovation and serves as a catalyst for pursuing new ways to support creative expression through previously disconnected entertainment technologies.

SCN: What are some of the new AV trends you’re seeing in live event productions? 

RH: One trend we are seeing is that live-event productions are borrowing technologies from the AV world (which notably get altered for live events and then those changes spill back into the AV markets). Included among the latest trends that toe the line between AV and live is the use of advanced data aggregation tools, automation technologies and enhanced product communication at the network packet level. This takes the operator out of the loop a bit but empowers the gear to do some amazing things. There is also a growing focus on technologies that facilitate remote interactions, such as network health monitoring tools and remote network control systems, which ensure events run smoothly and securely.

Wayne Cavadi
Senior Content Manager

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