InfoComm 2022 Impulses: Trends and Technologies to See in Las Vegas

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InfoComm 2022 is finally upon us. Before the show floor opens on June 8, we turned to InfoComm 2022 exhibitors and posed the question:

What trends and technologies can attendees look forward to seeing at InfoComm this year?

David Bacher, Head of Marketing, for LG Business Solutions USA 

LG Business Solutions USA, InfoComm 2022

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Attendees can look forward to seeing the latest in dvLED technology on the show floor. LG is introducing a variety of new dvLED displays designed to support integrators servicing markets such as retail, venues, transportation and beyond. Another technology that is sure to generate buzz at InfoComm is the LG CLOi ServeBot, an autonomous robot that uses multiple cameras and sensors to navigate complex commercial environments. The robot demonstrates how U.S. workers can safely use robot assistants to carry up to 66 pounds of food or goods, assist with employee workloads, enable better customer service and increase operational efficiency.

Learn more about Bacher and LG Business Solutions USA at InfoComm 2022 here.

Joel Hall, Senior Sales Development Manager, Leon Speakers

Leon Speakers

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Our approach to AV is rooted in the blending of art with audio and design with technology. End users want all the benefits that tech gives them but they're notorious for not wanting to see all. This poses a real challenge for consultants and integrators. Leon exists to help bridge the gap between AV designers and end users through our extensive pallet of customizable technology concealment solutions and handcrafted speakers.

Learn more about Hall and Leon Speakers at InfoComm 2022 here.

Charlie Jones, Insights Manager, Global Alliances, Sennheiser

Sennheiser, InfoComm 2022

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I expect Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a big buzzword on the show floor as more manufacturers find creative ways to bring this technology into the meeting environment. For instance, our newly launched TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker (TC ISP) will be showcased at InfoComm, and it is one of the first intelligent solutions for this market, enabling users to start and optimize Microsoft Teams meetings by talking to Cortana via voice recognition, calendar syncing, and automatic transcription. Coming out of the pandemic, so many of us have more work than we know what to do with, so at Sennheiser we are eager to find ways to enable hybrid and remote workers to work smarter, not harder with solutions like the TC ISP.

Learn more about Jones and Sennheiser at InfoComm 2022 here.

Chris Kopin, Executive Vice President of Technology, Kramer

Kramer, InfoComm 2022

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Creating meeting space solutions not confined to a particular conferencing platform, but rather rooms designed to be agnostic.

Learn more about Kopin and Kramer at InfoComm 2022 here.

Sam Nord, Vice President of Global Sales for Listen Technologies

Listen Technologies, InfoComm 2022

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With the changes in how work looks today compared to even a couple years ago, I’m curious to see the hybrid work solutions that will be displayed at the show and learn how they enable productivity and collaboration regardless of the work environment.

Learn more about Nord and Listen Technologies at InfoComm 2022 here

Scott Normand, Commercial Market Director, Snap One

Snap One, InfoComm 2022, InfoComm Impulses

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I think that the expansion of remote management platforms and services is going to be big this year. Integrators want and need these solutions more than ever to be able to scale their businesses and generate recurring revenues. The Snap One booth [will be showcasing] our OvrC cloud management platform.

Learn more about Normand and Snap One at InfoComm 2022 here

Jason Polk, Marketing Coordinator at Absen

InfoComm | Absen | SCN

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New technologies like Micro LED are driving [the display technology] movement and are going to bring us higher resolution in a smaller form factor. Other new technologies, like flip-chip technology will bring high brightness and high contrast with a wide-viewing angle in a form that protects the pixels from the type of damage that they can sustain today. These new technologies are more efficient in terms of power consumption and heat dissipation adding the element of sustainable design to the solutions.

Find out more about Polk and Absen at InfoComm 2022 here

Bryan Reksten, Vice President of Marketing at VITEC

VITEC, SCN, InfoComm 2022

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We expect there will be two topics that will be on the minds of our partners. First, the explosion of video on enterprise networks as organizations rely on video for communication and hybrid work arrangements like never before. IPTV solutions need to be efficient, reliable, and scalable as organizations adjust to new workflows. Second, the need for clear, dynamic communication on the IPTV platform will see the deployment of digital signage on networks like never before. From employee communication to customer engagement, an IPTV platform must be flexible to meet a broad set of requirements.

Learn more about Reksten and VITEC at InfoComm 2022 here

Sean Sheridan, Regional Technical Manager (Americas) for Brompton Technology

Brompton Technology, InfoComm 2022, InfoComm Impulses

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As resolutions increase, and with the explosive growth of remote and hybrid work, the proliferation of video-over-IP standards like NDI will continue to flourish, with further standards like ST2110 and IPMX breaking through, as well. The marriage of AV and IT is stronger than ever and looks to only be getting stronger.

Learn more about Sheridan and Brompton Technology at InfoComm 2022 here

Lauren Simmen, Director of Product Marketing at Crestron

Crestron, SCN, InfoComm 2022

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At InfoComm, Crestron is going to showcase the next phase of intelligent video and give attendees a look at an approach that the industry hasn’t really seen before. Videoconferencing has enabled us to continue to be productive and collaborate during COVID, but now we need to take it to the next level to adjust to the modern workplace.

Learn more about Simmen and Crestron at InfoComm 2022 here

Gina M. Sansivero, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications for AtlasIED

AtlasIED, InfoComm 2022

(Image credit: AtlasIED)

Without giving too much away, we have new speakers that we are launching at InfoComm, which bring us into a new category (did I mention, we have NEW product??!!). Prior to this year, AtlasIED hadn’t had a Dante embedded loudspeaker solution. At InfoComm we will have three new form factors to introduce to the industry. We are also expanding our Strategically Hidden Speaker family to include an option that addresses the most challenging installation scenarios. And finally, our IPX family is welcoming a new family member that will offer IP-endpoint/voice coverage in outdoor areas and loud, acoustically challenging environments. Flexibility, consistency, and reliability are built into all our loudspeaker families, and we will continue to evolve our offering.

Learn more about Sansivero and AtlasIED at InfoComm 2022 here

Mark Bonifacio, Director, B2B Business Management, Sony Electronics

Sony, InfoComm 2022

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This year, we’re focused on four Ps: people, product, partners, and presentations. Beyond traditional product demonstrations, we’re finding the InfoComm audience is seeking thought leadership and looking to further explore trending topics, which is why we’ll be hosting a diverse range of interactive panels and sessions. With the addition of this presentation stage, we’re excited for the Sony booth to transform into a destination for attendees and a valuable resource for end users. 

We pride ourselves on being easier to do business with by sourcing voice of customer and creating inspiring solutions that address market needs and solve pain points, but we couldn’t do this without the support of the community. This year, we’re excited to showcase our commitment to the industry through integrated solutions from leading providers, which will be featured in our booth. These businesses will be showcasing collaboration and communication solutions that are enhancing Sony’s BRAVIA professional 4K HDR displays by offering additional compatibility and integration with some of the industry’s most popular platforms, solutions and protocols. We’ll also have strategic Collaborative Alliance Partners who will be demonstrating Sony’s expansion in and dedication to vertical markets.

Learn more about Bonifacio and Sony at InfoComm 2022 here

Nathan Coutinho, Director of Global Conferencing Strategy

Logitech at InfoComm 2022

(Image credit: Logitech)

The hybrid work trend has been generating buzz for a while; now you can expect to see technology that not only makes hybrid work more efficient and immersive, but helps level the playing field between their remote and in-office employees. Some of our recent advances in hybrid work technology address the problem of meeting inequity (the subpar experience that remote colleagues face when meeting with their in-office counterparts), and we think attendees are really going to like seeing these solutions in action.

Learn more about Coutinho and Logitech at InfoComm 2022 here. 

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