InfoComm 2022 Impulses: Sony Electronics

Sony Electronics, InfoComm 2022
(Image credit: SCN, Sony)

InfoComm 2022 returns to Las Vegas this June 4-10. As excitement around the event builds, we’ve turned to InfoComm 2022 exhibitors to learn what trends they expect to see at the show—plus a special sneak preview of what they’ll show in their booths—in our InfoComm 2022 Impulses series.

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Today, meet Mark Bonifacio, director, B2B Business Management, Sony Electronics.

Sony, InfoComm 2022

Mark Bonifacio (Image credit: Sony)

How does InfoComm inspire you?

Mark Bonifacio: InfoComm is not only the biggest Pro AV show of the year, it’s a chance to reconnect with the community—and the people are what make this such a dynamic and special industry to work in. To be able to gather with all of our hardworking colleagues, partners and other manufacturers is reinvigorating, especially after a few years of remote and online interactions. InfoComm continues to be a valuable platform for engaging with our market and an effective way to provide our core demographic with an inclusive look at our end-to-end solutions, as well as a chance to see what is being offered by others. 

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What recent trend or technology do you expect to generate buzz on the show floor?

MB: AI is something that continues to infiltrate and enrich the AV space in numerous ways, and across the multiple verticals we support, including the corporate, education, retail, transportation, and entertainment spaces. AI provides many advantages and AV solutions are incorporating its intelligence to address personalization, offer new types of contextual information and enhance interactivity, communication and engagement in a faster, safer, smarter and more cost-effective manner. With automation and analyzation capabilities, AI is streamlining and empowering content creation and management. 

I’m expecting to see AI incorporated into many products and solutions on the InfoComm show flow. Sony will be demonstrating our Edge Analytics device (REA-C1000) which employs AI to create more powerful presentations in real time. From facial recognition, auto tracking, chroma key-less overlays, and handwriting extraction to image analysis, object recognition, and speech-to-text transcription, the possibilities for enrichment are endless. You’ll also see AI at work in our FW-100BZ40J 100-inch BRAVIA professional 4K HDR displays’ new cognitive XR processor, which cross-analyzes information to determine a viewer’s focal point and optimally integrate and adjust the picture to increase depth and reality. Additionally, AI enhances our Spatial Reality Display using a unique eye tracking imager, combined with a computer graphics platform to provide an immersive 3D viewing experience. 

How will your company’s solutions inspire end users?

MB: This year, we’re focused on four Ps: people, product, partners, and presentations. Beyond traditional product demonstrations, we’re finding the InfoComm audience is seeking thought leadership and looking to further explore trending topics, which is why we’ll be hosting a diverse range of interactive panels and sessions. With the addition of this presentation stage, we’re excited for the Sony booth to transform into a destination for attendees and a valuable resource for end users. 

We pride ourselves on being easier to do business with by sourcing voice of customer and creating inspiring solutions that address market needs and solve pain points, but we couldn’t do this without the support of the community. This year, we’re excited to showcase our commitment to the industry through integrated solutions from leading providers, which will be featured in our booth. These businesses will be showcasing collaboration and communication solutions that are enhancing Sony’s BRAVIA professional 4K HDR displays by offering additional compatibility and integration with some of the industry’s most popular platforms, solutions and protocols. We’ll also have strategic Collaborative Alliance Partners who will be demonstrating Sony’s expansion in and dedication to vertical markets.

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What are some recent advancements that attendees should look for in today's professional projectors?

MB: Sony’s latest laser projectors are focused on picture quality and brightness and many now provide support for 4K. We’ve also added innovative new features, such as Sony’s Reality Creation real-time signal processing, mapping, and analysis technology, resulting in crisp and clear pictures and text, for effective presentation and display. In addition, the Reality Text offering improves text-based presentation materials by providing clearer letters and lines with enhanced legibility. All of this translates to a more powerful projector, a better user experience, and more dynamic and accurate presentations for viewers. We hope you’ll stop by our booth to see some of our most recent models and experience the contrast, brightness and resolution that help contribute to the accurate reproduction of content.

Wayne Cavadi
Senior Content Manager

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