InfoComm 2022 Impulses: Crestron

Crestron, InfoComm, SCN
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InfoComm 2022 returns to Las Vegas this June 4-10. As excitement around the event builds, we’ve turned to InfoComm 2022 exhibitors to learn what trends they expect to see at the show—plus a special sneak preview of what they’ll show in their booths—in our InfoComm 2022 Impulses series.

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Today, meet Lauren Simmen, director of product marketing at Crestron Electronics.

How does InfoComm inspire you?

Crestron, SCN, InfoComm 2022

(Image credit: Crestron, SCN)

Lauren Simmen: I love seeing all the new technologies and the different ways that they help drive organizations. But for me, the people have always been the most inspiring at InfoComm. Whether it’s the keynote, training sessions, or just talking to other industry professionals, I always come away excited and reenergized about our industry.   

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What recent trend or technology do you expect to generate buzz on the show floor?

LS: There’s been a ton of technology that’s been introduced in the last few years, most of which many people have not had a chance to physically get their hands on. I think videoconferencing will continue to generate buzz as it is the number one thing that most companies are looking to implement and enhance in their organizations.  

How will your company’s solutions inspire end users?

LS: At InfoComm, Crestron is going to showcase the next phase of intelligent video and give attendees a look at an approach that the industry hasn’t really seen before. Videoconferencing has enabled us to continue to be productive and collaborate during COVID, but now we need to take it to the next level to adjust to the modern workplace.  

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What’s the secret to designing a user-friendly user interface?

LS: It’s all about ease of use. In today’s world, we’re not all in an office every day so the training that used to take place to teach people how to use the technology is shortened. We also live in a digital world where just about everything happens through a screen. A good user interface needs to be easy, and intuitive to use, and require very minimal training.

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