InfoComm 2022 Impulses: AtlasIED

AtlasIED, InfoComm 2022
(Image credit: AtlasIED)

InfoComm 2022 returns to Las Vegas this June 4-10. As excitement around the event builds, we’ve turned to InfoComm 2022 exhibitors to learn what trends they expect to see at the show—plus a special sneak preview of what they’ll show in their booths—in our InfoComm 2022 Impulses series.

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Today, meet Gina M. Sansivero, vice president of marketing and corporate communications for AtlasIED.

AtlasIED, InfoComm 2022

Gina M. Sansivero (Image credit: AtlasIED)

How does InfoComm inspire you?

Gina M. Sansivero: While InfoComm has always been a technology innovation focused show, for me, the inspiration comes not from unique and creative equipment use, but from the individuals in the industry. I haven’t missed an InfoComm since my first in 2005 and what continues to reinforce my sense of awe, is the energy on the exhibit hall floor when you bring together colleagues who meet once a year in Las Vegas or Orlando. That energy is almost visible and tangible. That’s the type of energy that, when combined with experience and trust, creates innovation. The people are what push the boundaries of our technology to be used in cutting edge, unique, creative, and awe-inspiring ways.

What recent trend or technology do you expect to generate buzz on the show floor?

GMS: This year is unique in the it’s the first time we have had two InfoComm shows within eight months, and an InfoComm and ISE within four weeks of each other. We had to make some decisions early on about what we should launch at each show, and how to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with solutions that solve current challenges while pushing them to think differently about the brand. I don’t think AtlasIED is unique in that way—many exhibitors who chose to participate in the October InfoComm and the May ISE will have to thoughtfully organize the presentation of their newest solutions to the industry in an effort to stay relevant and supportive. The buzz on the show floor may not be about quantity of new technologies and solutions, but the quality of those releases and how they help our industry propel forward.

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How will your company’s solutions inspire end users?

GMS: Over the past four-plus years, AtlasIED has been very deliberate to include end user dialogue into our product development roadmap. Feedback from users and those closest to users has helped shape our engineered solutions requirements and features. Typically, this type of relationship has helped us to increase the rate of new product adoption and ensure that the software and hardware we develop are scalable and flexible in ways that inspire our end users to rethink how they currently leverage their technologies. This interdependence of manufacturing/engineering and end user input will continue to strengthen and expand. 

What are some important ceiling speaker features that InfoComm attendees should look for on the show floor?

GMS: Without giving too much away, we have new speakers that we are launching at InfoComm, which bring us into a new category (did I mention, we have NEW product??!!). Prior to this year, AtlasIED hadn’t had a Dante embedded loudspeaker solution. At InfoComm we will have three new form factors to introduce to the industry. We are also expanding our Strategically Hidden Speaker family to include an option that addresses the most challenging installation scenarios. And finally, our IPX family is welcoming a new family member that will offer IP-endpoint/voice coverage in outdoor areas and loud, acoustically challenging environments. Flexibility, consistency, and reliability are built into all our loudspeaker families, and we will continue to evolve our offering.

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