DSE Diaries: BrightSign

DSE is the best place to see and learn about the greatest media player models from all of the major companies. BrightSign's Ann Holland talks about the exciting demos we’ll see in the BrightSign booth.


What Do You Call a Millennial in 5 Years? Boss.

I have been to enough conferences in the past few years to see a trend that I find comical. Apparently, Millennials are a force to be reckoned with, and nobody knows what to do with us. So here’s the secret for everyone wondering: Millennials are here, ready to work, capable of doing the work, and are a lot like you.

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DSE Diaries: NEC Display

In the days leading up to DSE, which will be held March 27–30 in Las Vegas, we’ll share exclusive interviews with some of the show’s top exhibitors. In this edition, NEC’s Rich Ventura talks about how the company is striving to maintain growth by delivering solutions across all display technologies.


DSE Diaries: Peerless-AV

DSE is the best place to view your options from all of the major manufacturers. SCN chatted with Nick Belcore of Peerless-AV about discovering the company’s unique solutions for integrators and tech managers.

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DSE Diaries: Hall Research

Over the next month leading up to DSE, which will be held March 27–30 in Las Vegas, we’ll share exclusive interviews with some of the show’s top exhibitors. In this edition, Hall Research’s AJ Shelat talks about useful control products for digital signage installations.

The Greatest Digital Signage Show On Earth promo image

The Greatest Digital Signage Show On Earth

In just under 3 weeks, the digital signage industry will convene en mass in Las Vegas, NV for the 15th Digital Signage Expo (DSE). Today, digital signage is part of our everyday lexicon and is a core strategy for organizations looking to impact, educate, communicate, and drive a message to their audiences. If you are one of those rare individuals who has never been to DSE and want to know why you need to attend, here are 5 major reasons to be there.

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DSE Diaries: Leyard and Planar

There's no place better than DSE to discover all of the components for your next video wall. We spoke with Leyard and Planar’s Steve Seminario about the company’s latest innovations in LED and LCD solutions.

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AV Propels ‘David Bowie Is’ Exhibition at Brooklyn Museum

One part theater, one part rock ‘n’ roll: if there’s ever been an icon whose life demanded an audiovisual presentation to sufficiently tell its story, it’s David Bowie. Making its final stop on a five-year global tour of more than a dozen cities at the Brooklyn Museum in New York from March 2 through July 15, “David Bowie Is” calls upon all manner of media to illustrate the incomparably protean persona of one of history’s most influential entertainers.


AV, Wayfinding Guide Bell Works' Rebirth

The breeding ground of landmark scientific breakthroughs in the latter half of the 20th century, the Bell Works campus in Holmdel, NJ is symbolic of man’s desire to organize and master the world around him. Now, as it is reborn as a hub of high-tech innovation, its owners are integrating cutting-edge technology befitting its exceptional heritage to enhance its usefulness for the next generation.

Preparing Your Services for Cloud Absorption promo image

Preparing Your Services for Cloud Absorption

Every manufacturer is touting its “cloud friendliness,” but what does this really mean? As the stalwarts of pro AV hardware—from DSPs to control systems, to video processing and routing—seem poised to evaporate into the software stratosphere, where will integrators fit into this box-less future?


Verrex’s Charmaine Torruella Talks Managed Services

Charmaine Torruella, global managed services executive at Verrex, discusses the growing importance of managed services brought on by the proliferation of spaces like huddle rooms, how she works with clients to develop service plans, and what she thinks the future holds for this increasingly vital aspect of AV integration.