Megan Knedler

How to Pack a Punch into Your Huddle Room

Huddle rooms have become the gathering place for spontaneously exchanging ideas in the workplace and bringing together remote participants—just because the rooms are small doesn’t mean their AV technology is less sophisticated.

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Using Technology to Enhance a Classroom’s User Experience

What if the industry standard when designing the classroom environment and its related technology was to enhance the user experience, to be more intuitive and easier to adapt to changes in pedagogy or space, and more manageable, with less hardware and computer code writing for integrated control systems?


DSE Diaries: BrightSign

DSE is the best place to see and learn about the greatest media player models from all of the major companies. BrightSign's Ann Holland talks about the exciting demos we’ll see in the BrightSign booth.


What Do You Call a Millennial in 5 Years? Boss.

I have been to enough conferences in the past few years to see a trend that I find comical. Apparently, Millennials are a force to be reckoned with, and nobody knows what to do with us. So here’s the secret for everyone wondering: Millennials are here, ready to work, capable of doing the work, and are a lot like you.


Gorecki Center Presentation

New ELAN System Puts College Event Center Back in Control

The Gorecki Center faced a problem familiar to the tech integration industry—the aging technology that controlled the projectors, speakers, and microphones was failing, too old to repair, out of manufacture, and far less capable than modern solutions. Integration firm J. Becher & Associates came to the rescue by installing an ELAN control system, giving managers far better control, reliability, and new mobile access


High School Auditorium Gets Major AV Update

Calling the auditorium at Groves High School, located in Beverly Hills, MI, a “multiuse” venue is a bit of an understatement. Heavily used and outdated, Groves brought in BAI and Advanced Lighting & Sound to elevate its auditorium to a place far ahead of most high schools.

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AV Propels ‘David Bowie Is’ Exhibition at Brooklyn Museum

One part theater, one part rock ‘n’ roll: if there’s ever been an icon whose life demanded an audiovisual presentation to sufficiently tell its story, it’s David Bowie. Making its final stop on a five-year global tour of more than a dozen cities at the Brooklyn Museum in New York from March 2 through July 15, “David Bowie Is” calls upon all manner of media to illustrate the incomparably protean persona of one of history’s most influential entertainers.

Dan Barron

SCN's The Nine: Dan Barron

With a positive, energetic spirit that’s contagious and motivating, Barron is the literal personification of next-generation leadership at HB Communications.

Luke Jordan

SCN's The Nine: Luke Jordan

Luke Jordan, PMP, CTS-I, age 29, is a friend to all in the AV industry. While his company is regional, he’s known for making connections across the entire industry, and is passionate about sharing lessons learned and tips for success.

Alesia Hendley

SCN's The Nine: Alesia Hendley

Let’s face it—you probably already know Alesia Hendley. In just over a year, she’s burst onto the pro AV scene with her trademark smile, social astuteness, and extreme networking skills. The 29-year-old has been working in audio her whole life, but made a conscious decision to get more involved in the industry in late 2016. She began reaching out to industry influencers via social media and asked them for their top tips. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kaleo Lee

SCN's The Nine: Kaleo Lee

Kaleo Lee has deep industry roots. His father bought his first AV company in 1978. When Lee was five, his father bought The Audio Visual Company (AVCO) of Hawaii, and Lee spent his entire life around the AV industry. His strong family background combined with his energetic vision for the future and strong leadership skills means Lee is primed for success in the AV world.

Hailey Klein

SCN's The Nine: Hailey Klein

Don’t be fooled the first time you meet Hailey Klein. Underneath that genuinely low-key and modest persona is a consummate professional determined to see her clients succeed.

Chase McCloud

SCN's The Nine: Chase McCloud

Chase McCloud never gives up and has created his own story. At 32, his incremental rise through the labyrinth of AV has led to a burgeoning career at a prestigious company. “I’m ambitious, especially when my heart is set on something,” he said.