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Tireless Volunteer. Quality Crusader. Legendary Studio Mastermind. Standards Activist. Academy Award Winner. These are just a select few characters starring in SCN’s 2017 Hall of Fame. They are perpetual tinkerers, questioners, value drivers, brilliant engineers, bold thought leaders, mentors, and cumulatively, they make up the rich fabric of this industry we know and love.

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Among the 2017 honorees, we find determination to overcome skeptics, winning respect with intellect, those that relish mentorship and persevere in the face of business forces beyond their control. The Hall of Famers built names for themselves by doing good work and getting called back for more work in return. They’ve recognized when there’s a hole in the market, where there’s demand for a new solution, and they tackle the opportunities and inherent risks with vigor. As we profile this year’s honorees, these are some of the common themes we can trace throughout the professional and personal stories of these inimitable leaders.

In this sixth installment, we’ve chosen to evolve the recognition beyond integrators and consultants, to include inventors and other key business leaders, because it’s all of these vital contributors who have furthered our accomplishments, singularly and collectively. Throughout this process, we’ve used these pioneering stories in reconsidering the meaning of success. It’s a worthy topic for the industry at large to ponder as we carve out our place in the rapidly shifting technology landscape we face in 2017.

We hope that through their stories of triumph over the course of their lives, the diverse qualities that led them to succeed are illuminated. They are intended to inspire active and nascent tinkerers alike to reflect. The varied lessons presented set the tone for the rest of us to create goals toward reaching new levels of achievement, ultimately building an even brighter, more wonder-filled future.

Hall of Fame 2017

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  • Helene Andersen, AVI-SPL
  • Mackey Barron, HB Communications
  • Steve Emspak, Shen Milsom & Wilke
  • Jim Ford, Ford Audio-Video
  • Adam Karavas, Electronic Contracting
  • Andy Musci, Altel
  • Will Parry, AVI-SPL
  • Robert Simpson, Electrosonic
  • Scott Walker, Waveguide Consulting
  • Jack Wrightson, WJHW
  • Kevin Collins, HB Communications
  • Randy Vaughan, AE Systems


  • Sam Berkow, SIA Acoustics
  • Bob Coffeen, Coffeen Fricke and Associates
  • Miriam Evaslin, Pro-Tec Electronics
  • Ted Leamy, Pro Media/UltraSound
  • Mark Valenti, The Sextant Group
  • Opryland Hotel and Convention Center, Acoustic Dimensions and Ford Audio/Video


  • Kurt Graffy, Arup Acoustics
  • Merry McCleary, Avyve
  • Michael MacDonald, ATK Audiotek
  • Felix Robinson, AVI-SPL
  • Millenium Park, The Talaske Group and db Integrated Systems


  • Jeff Irvin, Spinitar
  • Craig Janssen, Idibri
  • Catherine Shanahan, Shanahan Sound and Electronics
  • Jeff Stoebner, AVI Systems
  • Robert Swing, IVCi
  • Paul White, CompView
  • Blake Augsburger, Harman
  • Andrew Edwards, Extron Electronics
  • George Feldstein, Crestron
  • Loyd Ivey, Mitek, Atlas Sound
  • Joseph Kramer, Kramer Electronics
  • John and Helen Meyer, Meyer Sound
  • Jan Sandri, FSR
  • Bob Schluter, Middle Atlantic Products
  • Don Stewart, Stewart Filmscreen


  • James Beckham, Audio-Video Corporation
  • Deb Britton, K-2 Audio
  • Dane Butcher, Symetrix
  • Victoria Cerami, Cerami & Associates
  • Brian Critchley, Digital Projection
  • Jack Gershfeld, Altinex
  • John Greene, Advanced AV
  • Sandy Lamantia, Shure
  • David Marsh, Marsh/PMK
  • Pat Quilter, QSC
  • Bob Sharp, SVSi
  • John Whitlock, Whitlock


Systems Contractor News 5th Annual Hall of Fame promo image

Systems Contractor News 5th Annual Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to honor accomplishments in the industry, yet it’s also to inspire the hearts and minds of others. By zooming in on these journeys, we can in turn examine our own paths in respect to our goals and solving the issues at the crux of moving the industry forward. Join us in honoring them while dually viewing their stories as springboards to the next generation.

Systems Contractor News 7th Annual Hall of Fame promo image

Systems Contractor News 7th Annual Hall of Fame

SCN’s 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees bring diverse experiences and backgrounds–from a military leader turned teacher to a musician turned projection mapping hobbyist. What do they have in common? Their dedication and desire to push the audiovisual industry forward. We hope that these stories spark a passion within all of us to do more and help move our industry forward into the next iteration of whatever it is we want to become.

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Fourth Annual SCN Hall of Fame

From designing oil pipelines and later applying that concept to the way air moves through a loudspeaker, skipping school to run sound at conferences, and visiting operating rooms to talk with surgeons about their technology issues, these are some of the stops this year’s AV integrator and consultant Hall of Fame inductees made along the way to leave their mark on our industry.

SCN's 2017 Hall of Fame: John Arasim promo image

SCN's 2017 Hall of Fame: John Arasim

Surrounded by shareholders greeting him on his first day as president of Lectrosonics, John Arasim looked around the plant, grabbed a broom and started sweeping. Demonstrating how no task is ever too small for the most enterprising of minds, Arasim set to work.

SCN's 2017 Hall of Fame: Brock McGinnis promo image

SCN's 2017 Hall of Fame: Brock McGinnis

McGinnis’ path to establishing one of Canada’s premier AV integration practices is on the surface somewhat of a common story, yet his skill as a self-proclaimed “collector of people” is one of several traits that have solidified a position akin to celebrity in our tight-knit industry.