Samsung on What to Expect at InfoComm

Harry Patz, senior vice president and general manager, B2B enterprise display division shares what to expect from Samsung at InfoComm 2021.
Harry Patz, senior vice president and general manager, B2B enterprise display division at Samsung Electronics America (Image credit: Future)

We saw business models reinvented on the fly during the pandemic, as innovation cycles shortened from years to months or even weeks. Customers sought ways to keep up business while maintaining social distancing. For example, QSR and retail customers needed Samsung solutions like curbside digital signage and kiosk technology (opens in new tab) for contact-less pickup and transactions. Those customers subsequently enjoyed significant savings during what was a critical period, thus we see a lot of future opportunities for kiosk technology there, especially as our new Kiosk product provides contactless ordering with a shatterproof film and an antimicrobial coating to help inhibit bacteria growth after continuous uses. 

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The needs and expectations of consumers—especially younger generations who expect more immersive and personalized experiences—have evolved too, and we have had to help businesses and organizations meet them. Businesses accelerated and enhanced plans to integrate LED technology that is customizable for both indoor and outdoor integrations. Monitors, too, played a significant part in hybrid work solutions and gaming, which saw a bump in sales as people stayed indoors.

The pandemic’s effect on education challenged us to reimagine the features on interactive whiteboards which led to the new Flip 2, an intuitive, easy-to-use digital board that connects students in and out of the classroom. Its immersive touch technology and ability to easily import and export content to share makes it our most collaborative education display offering yet. 

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Smart, state-of-the-art displays with intelligent content management solutions that can evolve with the times will be a major focus. We’re excited to show our lineup in-person and talk about how we are supporting classrooms, retailers, and other business verticals. After years of unexpected changes to how we interact and socialize, display technology is redefining how we overcome the challenge of physical distance to remain more connected than ever.

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