InfoComm 2024: An InfoComm Debut and 4 More Booths to Add to Your List

The ribbon-cutting ceremony at InfoComm 2022.
(Image credit: Future)

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Adamson to Debut FletcherMachine V2

The Adamson FletcherMachine.

(Image credit: Adamson)

Adamson Systems Engineering is bringing a major update to the FletcherMachine Spatial Audio Rendering Engine at Booth C9547. Unveiled in 2022, Version 2 of the software has a bevy of new features, further enhancing the capabilities and workflow of the system.

The FletcherMachine system is available in three versions. FletcherMachine Virtual is a free, stand-alone application for Windows and MacOS that allows users to design immersive environments on-the-go with headphones, while gaining hands-on experience that will translate seamlessly to the full version. FletcherMachine Stage is a 3U rack mountable hardware unit, offering up to 128x128 in- and outputs at 96kHz sample rate and just 1.3 ms latency. A 5-inch color touchscreen allows quick access to critical functions such as system monitoring and I/O routing. FletcherMachine Traveler brings the functionality of the Stage engine to a more portable format, offering a maximum of 96 channels with variable in- and output counts. Pulling everting together is the FletcherMachine Remote, a portable application for Windows and MacOS, offering a highly user-friendly interface and bringing the power of FletcherMachine to your fingertips.

FletcherMachine V2’s expanded features include:

  • Improved speaker management allows for both 2D and 3D setups in the same session. 
  • New connectivity tools include dedicated DiGiCo and AVID plug-ins, and on-board ADM-OSC allows for easy interoperability with other mixing desks and audio workstations.
  • A new binaural renderer can be freely assigned to any output channel. AVB+MADI versions also offer a dedicated headphone output.
  • New housings for both Traveler and Stage Engines.
  • Select from up to three high-quality reverb engines (hardware dependent).
  • Hardware redundancy available for Stage engines.
  • All-new delay matrix allows for easy routing of any input to any output with user assignable gain and delay. 
  • Improved snapshot section for more accurate show control.
  • More efficient external protocol handling (MIDI, OSC, PSN, rttrpm) for improved integration of tracking systems and other third-party applications.
  • Expanded object grouping and linking for simplified mix automation.
  • Time code, stereo pairing function, and variable I/O.

NodesNow Makes InfoComm Debut with Collaboration Technology

NodesNow is set to make its InfoComm debut, positioned in the Trailblazer Zone at Booth W1354. NodesNow will introduce its collaboration board designed to enhance meeting dynamics across industries.

The NodesNow Board is an all-in-one solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and features:

  • 4K Ultra HD Camera: Equipped with a centrally positioned, angled 4K camera, ensuring clear and comprehensive visibility of both presenters and attendees, ideal for hybrid meeting scenarios.
  • High-Fidelity Sound System: Integrated with a superior soundbar that includes noise cancellation and dynamic audio adjustment, providing clear and crisp audio which is essential for effective communication.
  • Responsive Multi-Touch Interface: Features a precise capacitive touch sensor with a frictionless glass surface, allowing for natural and intuitive interaction with the content.
  • Advanced AI Functionalities: The upcoming software update introduces AI-driven tools for automated drawing of objects, creating templates, and generating graphs, enhancing the interactivity and productivity of meetings.
  • Ergonomic Mobility: Equipped with tilting support and heavy-duty casters, the NodesNow Board allows for easy mobility and adjustable positioning, ensuring optimal viewing and interaction in any room setup.
  • Integrated Environmental Sensors: Features built-in sensors for air quality and room brightness, which automatically adjust the board's settings to ensure a comfortable and healthy meeting environment.
  • Extensive Connectivity Options: Supports a variety of connectivity options, including HDMI (in and out), audio (in and out) and wireless connections, making it versatile for integrating with various digital devices and platforms in a corporate or educational setting.

Renkus-Heinz to Showcase Advanced Sound Solutions

The Renkus-Heinz promo for InfoComm 2024.

(Image credit: Renkus-Heinz)

Attendees will be able to experience Renkus-Heinz’s sound solutions firsthand, both at Booth C9620 in the demo room N113. 

Products in the demo room will include Renkus-Heinz’s flagship beam-steering arrays—the ICLive X Series and ICONYX Gen 5 Series—powered by OmniBeam, as well as the UBX Series passively steered columns. The immersive acoustics system is created by Renkus-Heinz’s C Series loudspeakers powered by technology partner Amadeus Acoustics’ core. 

At the booth, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the OmniBeam workflow for themselves at a hands-on interactive kiosk—and see firsthand just how easy it is to deploy beam-steering technology in any situation. Visitors to the demo room will witness how room acoustics are transformed from the hustle of an airport to the echoing halls of a cathedral to the vibrant acoustics of a concert hall, and the power of Renkus-Heinz’s beam-steering technology. There will also be live music courtesy of distinguished violinist Drew Tretick.

Neoti to Showcase a Mission-Critical Solutions

Neoti is showcasing a product range ideal for mission-critical environments and demanding enterprise applications at Booth W907. The TAA compliant UHD Pro XF+, released in April 2024, and available with Pantone and SkinTone Validation, will be demonstrated with various control room and mission critical scenarios on the screen.

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The UHD Pro XF+ InfiniteColor technology automatically ensures that authentic color and uniformity is reproduced on the display in the exact expectation of the design, for the life of the display. Product features include Maxbit technology, extremely low latency at 240HZ, multi-image framesync, horizontal scan lines, and immersive 3D performance. UHD Pro XF+ exceeds traditional TAA compliancy; the display system, controllers and all logic and memory components are engineered with the highest regard to compliancy.

Salamander Designs to Unveil Acadia Tabletop Mount

The new Acadia Tabletop Display Mount from Salamander Designs.

(Image credit: Salamander Designs)

Salamander Designs is launching the Acadia Tabletop Display Mount at Booth C8857. The Acadia Tabletop caters to small, temporary, hybrid, and retrofit meeting spaces, as well as traditional meeting rooms. The mount empowers integrators and businesses to deploy a sophisticated videoconferencing solution quickly and efficiently, without the need for construction. The Acadia Tabletop is a purpose-built tabletop display mount for conferencing.

Developed in collaboration with Salamander’s Technology Hardware partners, the Acadia Tabletop offers the quick deployment while ensuring compatibility with necessary technology. This solution enables companies to instantly adapt to applications such as huddle rooms, temporary setups, phone booths and hybrid workspaces. Compatible with screens ranging from 43-65 inches, the Acadia Tabletop features a universal camera mount for flexible positioning above or below the display, optimizing the field of view. 

Height adjustable to camera specifications, Acadia Tabletop provides optimal placement and visibility for everyone in any setting. Thanks to ample backpack-style storage, technology can be discreetly positioned behind the display, while all power and wires are tucked away for a clutter-free appearance. And, as Salamander Designs is devoted to eco-friendly solutions, the system is made from 98% recyclable materials.  

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