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#InfoCommInspo: Blackmagic Design

#InfoCommInspo: Blackmagic Design

In our series of #InfoCommInspo blogs, we're talking with exhibitors about the hottest technologies and trends they're looking to see at InfoComm 2018.

Q&A with Bob Caniglia, Director of Sales Operations, N.A., Blackmagic Design

Q: Why InfoComm?

Bob Caniglia: It’s very exciting for us to attend InfoComm and meet with our customers in the pro AV industry. We are excited to show them the new live production products we’ve announced since last year, including several in the past few months alone—like our new URSA Broadcast camera and ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K switcher.

Q: What is the most exciting trend you expect to see at the show?

BC: We’re seeing a number of trends heading into InfoComm this year, but the most exciting one is an increase in 4K and HDR technologies. As people rapidly produce 4K content, HDR is also increasing for things like AV displays. It’s already a standard in the film and television industries, and applying HDR to signal transfer and AV displays brings video to the next level, especially combined with 4K display technologies. We’ve incorporated HDR into several of our products like HyperDeck Studio 12G, and we look forward to seeing what our customers do with 4K and HDR in the future.

Q: How will your solutions inspire integrators?

BC: We make high quality products, and we are constantly evolving and coming up with new and creative solutions. We continue to update products regularly to help make everyday life easier for the end user. We have proven that we can be trusted as we continue to deliver on products and technologies that customers need. For example, we acquired Fairlight Audio and Ultimatte in 2016, and have incorporated their technologies into our new products, like Ultimatte 12 advanced real time compositing processor, and have added Fairlight Audio in our new ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K and DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Q: How will your solutions inspire tech managers?

BC: In addition to our products being professional quality, they are also cost effective, which means tech managers get the best of both worlds. They can invest in our products because they are affordable, and trust that our products will get the job done. For example, by investing in our 4K products now, tech managers can either start doing 4K today, or continue to work in HD now but be 4K capable when they are ready to flip the switch. 4K production doesn’t have to be transmitted in 4K, but it’s still worthwhile to invest in it now, which they can do with our products without disrupting their infrastructure to move to 4K in a few years.

To learn more, check out Blackmagic Design in Booth C3894 at InfoComm 2018.