Philips Professional Display Solutions on What to Expect at InfoComm

Chris Colpaert, general manager of PPDS shares what to expect from the company during InfoComm 2021.
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When the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for businesses around the world started to become clear, our global professional display product development team immediately brought together collaborations with our strategic software and complementary hardware partners, including NowSignage and Bosch, to create PPDS (opens in new tab) PeopleCount. The dedicated digital signage (opens in new tab) queue management solution, PeopleCount is designed exclusively to help safely manage capacity, encourage social distancing, and create new brand and communication opportunities for businesses.

A perfect example of our Total Solutions approach, innovating agilely to respond and react quickly to fast-changing market conditions, this continues to be a proven lifeline for companies across the sectors, including corporate, retail, hospitality, and food and beverage.

PeopleCount uses our Android SoC, Wi-Fi-enabled Philips D-Line displays, installed at or near entrance area(s). These are connected with powerful software, together with intelligent cameras, positioned to count customers as they enter and leave the premises and providing live automatic updates to the display(s) when capacity is neared or reached. If there is queuing, PPDS PeopleCount will calculate and display average waiting times, replacing the need for a member of staff. 

Chris Colpaert, general manager of PPDS shares what to expect from the company during InfoComm 2021.

(Image credit: PPDS)

Chris Colpaert, general manager, of PPDS shares what to expect from the company during InfoComm 2021.

A customizable traffic light system automatically informs customers when and when not to enter, with the software also able to integrate into a store’s automatic doors, opening and closing according to capacity. 

For maximum versatility, PeopleCount displays can be used to provide safety information, such as social distancing reminders, what to expect inside (cleaning gels, arrows on the floor, etc.), as well as advertising, brand messages, and other communications. 

Each display provides full remote management and control with the ability to create and present content easily, as well as powerful data for management decision-making.

Proven to be a potential lifeline for customers, PPDS PeopleCount is not just an investment for today—it’s an asset for the future.

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