PPDS Brings AI-driven Philips Digital Signage and Analytics Solutions to Retail

Digital Signage
The PPDS Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail (Image credit: Philips)

The What: PPDS has partnered with Intel, Advantech and Navori Labs for the creation of a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven digital signage, camera and software solution designed to help retailers convert more sales using data-driven insights and live, personalized targeted marketing for enhanced shopping experiences.

Aimed at taking the customer's omnichannel strategy to the next level and to create an experience unachievable online, the PPDS Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail combines Philips digital signage with intelligent context-aware software and camera technologies, to monitor a store's activities throughout the day, week, month or even year and use this information to make important business decisions that directly impact store performance.

The What Else: The solution is compatible with PPDS's Philips P-Line 24/7 digital signage range for indoor environments (42 to 55 inches), and connected with the store's choice of on-board Ethernet or wi-fi, the solution harnesses Advantech's integrated DS-200 SDM-L Smart Display Module computer platform that can be managed remotely. These are brought together with the award-winning Aquaji smart AI-computer vision driven software platform for marketing analytics, and QL CMS software used to manage the display contents, both from Navori Labs.

Available as a cloud-based solution (SaaS) or as an on-premises version hosted on your own hardware, the plug and play Navori Aquaji software analyses video feeds from embedded or IP-based cameras strategically placed around the store. These produce anonymous marketing data and comparable metrics based on foot-traffic and people's physical features (up to 98 percent accuracy) --including gender--which are delivered on an intuitive and fully featured dashboard assessable on any computer.

The Bottom Line:  This solution will bring retailers the tools to improve their customers' journey and experience by analyzing the data and implementing the right content to the right person at the right moment and in the right place. The tried and tested Navori Aquaji platform comes with an impressive success record for retailers, with one store reporting a 42 percent increase in impulse product selling, thanks to a triggered targeted customer promotional offer. Another retailer reported up to a 26 percent increase in entrance traffic due to the presence of in-store displays, using targeted marketing, while a department store improved customer satisfaction, reducing its waiting time by 35 percent on weekend peak hours by implanting extra ambulatory cashiers.

The solution's other benefits include: Measuring footfall (excluding staff) and classifying each guest based on their attributes (gender and age range); determining the time spent in line and time spent before receiving service, then using the data for queue optimization; calculating each shopper's field of vision in relation to any monitored area or digital signage screen for audience assessment and proof-of-performance analytics; anticipating foot traffic and demand based on comparable data over time; optimizing staffing levels to meet peak hour demand; managing shelf layout to ensure an easy flow to the right marketplace and product.

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