Dutch Experience Center Features PPDS Digital Signage and Video Walls

PPDS digital signage installed at the Technische Unie Experience Center in the Netherlands
Technische Unie uses the Experience Center to educate partners about sustainability and more efficient ways of working. (Image credit: PPDS)

Technische Unie, a Dutch wholesaler of installation products for residential and commercial spaces, contracted PPDS to provide a range of digital signage solutions inside its Experience Center, located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The company uses the Experience Center to educate partners and other companies about sustainability (including recycling) and more efficient ways of working, while also providing a space for events and training.

Working with more than 700 suppliers worldwide and stocking more than 280,000 items, Technische Unie offers a wide range of technical installation materials for housing, utility, industry, government, healthcare, and retail.

PPDS digital signage installed at the Technische Unie Experience Center in the Netherlands

(Image credit: PPDS)

Promoting Sustainable Business Practices

Like PPDS, Technische Unie’s business strategy includes a focus on sustainability, including recycling—not just in its own business, but for the industries and partners it serves.

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In order to remain competitive, increasing numbers of industrial companies are switching to smart techniques and smart factories. Technische Unie wanted to create a venue equipped to educate and inspire its industry partners about ways to run their businesses smarter, while also providing a space for customers to learn about and more easily discover the latest offers from the hundreds of available suppliers.

PPDS digital signage installed at the Technische Unie Experience Center in the Netherlands

(Image credit: PPDS)

The Installation

Technische Unie partnered with nearby integration specialist Hugo Janzen AV Projecten and PPDS for the AV solution, which included 46 Philips Q-Line and D-Line HD displays ranging between 31 and 64 inches. The highlight of the futuristic venue is a spectacular vertically mounted multiscreen display that greets visitors as they enter the space.

The tech complement includes five 42.5-inch Philips Q-Line (43BDL3010Q/00), 19 64.5-inch Philips Q-Line (65BDL3010Q/00), three 31.5-inch Philips D-Line (32BDL4051D/00), two 48.5-inch Philips D-Line (49BDL4031D/00), and 17 54.6-inch Philips D-Line (55BDL4031D/00) professional displays.

Examples of products, services and solutions offered by Technische Unie and its partners are positioned throughout the Experience Center, including within dedicated exhibition bays and experience booths, mocked up to mirror real-life scenarios and environments. Philips displays are strategically mounted to the walls, providing comprehensive product details and interactive imagery at every turn.

Video content is controlled and managed through a Pixilab Blocks system, which enables staff to make quick updates in full HD or 4K resolution using tablets connected to the network. Pixilab Blocks controls 150 devices over the network.

PPDS digital signage installed at the Technische Unie Experience Center in the Netherlands

(Image credit: PPDS)

With Philips Q-Line’s FailOver technology, screens in the Experience Center will always remain on and active. In the event the primary source goes down, FailOver automatically switches to the secondary input, ensuring the content keeps playing.  

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Roeland Scholten, sales director for Benelux at PPDS, said of the project, “We are delighted to have played such an integral role in bringing this hugely important and inspiring space to life. From the moment they walk in, visitors are immersed into a visually spectacular scene of activity, with each display providing not only a wow factor, but a valuable resource for information—whether that’s finding new products, ways to work smarter, or playing a part in looking after our planet.”

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