ATEN Technology on What to Expect at InfoComm

Christian Young, pro AV product manager shares what to expect from ATEN Technology during InfoComm 2021.
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The pandemic affected the way we worked with each other in ways that we had taken for granted—not only in the pro AV industry, but in every other industry as well. Social distancing led the way to hybrid work models. The operation of devices changed our behavior to bring your own device (BYOD). 

ATEN understood that changes needed to be implemented in the operation and functionality of our products to continue working as normally as possible, while following the respective safety precautions. We also knew that these products had to be intuitive, without complex setups or connections, and with configuration capabilities from your own mobile phone or tablet to minimize unnecessary contact.

Therefore, the introduction of easy-to-operate video streaming devices was key for activities in higher-learning institutions, corporate meeting spaces, and houses of worship. The addition of mobile or portable devices in presentation equipment allowed attendees to participate in meetings via their own materials without touching other people’s hardware. Video matrixes, extenders, splitters, and switches that work over long distances became important as people started working remotely and not from a central location. 

All the above solutions will be available for attendees to see and experience at InfoComm 2021. Our 2022 product roadmap expands these solutions to maximize the possibilities of hybrid work environments as well as remote learning and operations.

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