Road to ISE: LEA Professional

In our series of #RoadtoISE blogs, we're talking with exhibitors about the hottest technologies and trends they're looking to see at ISE 2020.

Blake Augsburger

Blake Augsburger, LEA Professional (Image credit: LEA Professional)

Q&A with Blake Augsburger, CEO and Founder, LEA Professional

Q: Why ISE 2020?

Blake Augsburger: ISE is a global marketplace for products and systems sure, but it’s also a marketplace for ideas and opportunities to make connections within the channel and end-user communities. Having launched LEA Professional last year, we established strong momentum for our brand and our ideas. We’re at a point to showcase that a start-up is now a global player in the AV industry. ISE is an excellent platform to take that momentum to the next level! 

Q: What is the most exciting trend you expect to see at the show?

BA: The genesis of LEA was to couple state-of-the-art amplifier technology with advanced IoT connectivity and control and provide a powerful but intuitive interface that anyone can easily access. I think IoT has gained awareness, appreciation, and acceptance among end users and channel partners and whereas we’re still pioneering it in the amplifier realm, other brands are applying IoT in their disciplines. AI and machine learning are emerging extensions of the IoT trend and I am sure they’ll be explored on the show floor. We’re certainly considering those AI and ML here at LEA Professional.

Q: How will your solutions inspire integrators?

BA: I am excited to see that we’ve already gained strong excitement around the brand. When we were at the startup phase there was so much goodwill and people in the industry wanted us to do well. But, as we’ve developed, industry people scratched the surface on the technology and the organization, asking us the tough questions and they like the answers! I think what’s inspiring integrators is that we have the most advanced and ambitious product right now but we’re also actively thinking about and innovating around connected infrastructure platforms.  

Integrators also look beyond the product or system at the firm. They like that we place a high emphasis on integrators, that we have dedicated programs for our dealers, and that we’re professional-grade and definitely not prosumer by any means!

Q: How will your solutions inspire tech managers?

BA: At ISE we will launch our new IoT/Cloud platform and four new IoT-enabled, high-power amplifiers. The premise behind this introduction and all of our solutions is applying IoT to excellent amplifiers and making control easier, more reliable, and more secure. We believe this will resonate strongly in the end-user community. They also like the vision for a connected infrastructure platform that delivers the best of both AV and IT.

To learn more, visit LEA Professional in Stand #15-T305 at ISE 2020.

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