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AV/IT Leadership Summit Coming to Denver: Aug 3-4, 2017

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AV/IT Tech Managers, CTOs, End Users, and AV Decision-Makers: Join me in downtown Denver for two dynamic days of skill-sharing, best practices, problem-solving, networking, panel discussions, drill downs, and TED-style AV/IT Talks. We will get into the weeds about AV/IT network security, collaboration, active learning, pain points, and next-gen networked media.

Opening Keynote: 5 Emerging Technologies. Hype or Reality?

Mike Walker, Research Director and an author of Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies will deliver our opening keynote.

For more than 22 years Gartner clients have used Hype Cycles to become educated about the promise of an emerging technology within the context of their industry and individual appetite for risk. Walker shares unique insights on emerging technologies related to AV/IT and how soon you will start to feel the impact within your organization so you can start planning now—or not. Hype or reality?

1: Software-Defined Anything (SDx)

2: … as A Service

3: Artificial Intelligence

4: Augmented Reality

5: Virtual Reality

We pick up the 4-star hotel accommodations at the Grand Hyatt for out-of-town attendees on Aug 2 and Aug 3.

Learn more and qualify for your spot today: http://www.avitsummit.com/#


A New Framework: AV/IT Leadership Summits

I have just returned from our San Diego AV/IT Leadership Summit, and I could spend hours regaling you with fun facts: ten AV/IT Talks at ten minutes each, exciting panels, integrator vs in-house AV debates, stakeholder convergence, networking IPAs by the bay, and sailing—yes, sailing.

4 Considerations Before Sourcing Green AV

I have been asked many times where one can locate greener AV products or with whom they can consult for greener designs and installs. Unfortunately, since AV equipment most often consumes large amounts of energy, are built using a variety of toxic materials and are often assembled overseas, many products necessary to an installation are not considered green.

InfoComm 2017: IVCi’s AV and UC Industry Experts Report on Trends

With a record-breaking 44,077 registered attendees, InfoComm 2017 just became the largest pro AV show in North America. This year, there was an energy surrounding the event like never before. Walking the floor, the buzz was everywhere. From mesmerizing large-format displays to new cloud offerings and many other exciting announcements, InfoComm 2017 really delivered. Here’s what IVCi’s industry AV and UC experts have to say about exciting new industry trends.

Seeing the AV/IT Future at Synnex

Some tried and true metaphors tend to be used a lot when talking about IT. Bridges, pipes, umbrellas-any symbol of a broad-based connective idea can be used to represent both the overarching presence and wide capabilities of network technology. Usually these terms are used when talking about the technology specifically, but gradually the idea of ubiquity is starting to make sense in terms of a business model.