InfoComm 2023: New Panasonic Connect AV Solutions, Plus New NETGEAR Switches

Smiling women looking at a monitor from Panasonic Connect.
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InfoComm 2023 is here. We've been doing our best to keep you up to date on all there is to see in Orlando this June.  Today, we look at Panasonic Connect, NETGEAR, Audio-Technica, MSolutions and Opticis. 

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Panasonic Connect Expands Audio, Visual, and AV Solution Portfolios

A new projector from Panasonic Connect.

(Image credit: Panasonic Connect)

At Booth 901, Panasonic Connect North America will showcase new innovations to its AV portfolio. Technology developments in recent years have expanded the possibilities for live events and increased audience expectations. As events grow more sophisticated, it becomes challenging to deliver the level of immersion audiences crave with conventional video technology.

4K integrated, simplified production systems paired with interactive projection and display technology will be key to powering immersive productions. Working alongside its next-generation KAIROS IT/IP Live Production Platform and ST 2110 compatible PTZ and Studio cameras, Panasonic Connect introduces the following new solutions:  

  • PT-REQ12KU Series 1-Chip DLP 4K Laser Projectors: Supporting a streamlined installation, the PT-REQ12 Series 1-Chip DLP 4K Laser Projectors range from 8,000-12,000lm of brightness and offers 4K resolution and 240 Hz projection capability to seamlessly display detailed visuals on fast-moving objects, resulting in enriching, interactive applications, and stage performances.
  • PT-MZ20KL Series 3LCD Laser Projectors: Small, light, quiet, and compact smallest, the PT-MZ20KL Series projectors provide 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation and deliver an industry first of full brightness on AC 120 V power, eliminating the need for high-voltage power supply installation. 
  • PT-RZ14KU 3-Chip DLP Projector: The projector is approximately 40% smaller and weighs 20% less than the previous PT-RZ12KU, simplifying everything from transport and storage to installation and set-up.3 It also supports 14,000lm brightness on AC 100–240 V power.
  • Remote Monitoring Service: Panasonic Connect’s new Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) is a cloud-based application that allows users to remotely monitor features such as intake temperatures and fan speed to proactively uncover any irregularities in daily operation. 
  • TH-SQE2W Series Professional Displays: The Panasonic TH-SQE2W Series professional displays provide brightness of 500cd/m² with an anti-glare panel and a haze treatment of 25%, reducing the reflection of ambient light and improving visibility in all environments.
  • AK-HC3900 Studio Camera with AK-SFC391 ST 2110 Upgrade: With this optional upgrade, the AK-HC3900 Studio Camera will support ST 2110, eliminating the need for a conventional camera control unit and providing a seamless connection to Panasonic’s KAIROS IT/IP platform.

Panasonic Connect has also added the following solutions to its projector, display, and audio lineups:

  • PT-CMZ50 Ultra Short-Throw LCD Laser Projector: This laser projector gives presenters the flexibility to start a presentation immediately without waiting for the projector to warm up and its new high-efficiency optical engine improves watts-per-lumen efficiency by 31% over comparable lamp-based short-throw models.
  • TH-CQE2U Series Professional Displays: Designed for 16 hours of uninterrupted operation, the TH-CQE2U Series professional displays offer reliable operation with viewing clarity.
  • H-SQ2H Series Professional Displays: The TH-SQ2H Series offers a panel brightness of 700cd/m2 and mitigates glare from light sources and ambient light to reduce reflections and ensure high-quality, clear, crisp 4K content can be displayed even when installed in meeting rooms and classrooms with large amounts of external lighting.
  •  WX-AM800 Ceiling Array Microphone & WX-AU202 Antenna/Receiver: Designed to cover a 30x30-foot area with 4 adjustable zones, the WX-AM800 Ceiling Array microphone automatically adjusts its sensitivity based on the location of the speaker and features built-in integration with a Panasonic PTZ camera for voice tracking without a control system. With the new WX-AU202 Antenna/Receiver, users can add up to two Panasonic DECT Wireless microphones without having to use rack space.
  • Microphone System Configuration Center Software: The software allows users to set the room size, optimally place the ceiling microphones, adjust the range of the Panasonic antennas, and configure a whole host of audio DSP settings such as Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Audio Input Ducking, Equalization and Digital Noise Reduction. 
  • Digital Signage: Panasonic Connect offers fully integrated, end-to-end digital signage solutions. Displayed will be The Cloud-based Content Management System features an intuitive web-based user interface to create players, load content, create playlists and scheduling grids in 4 easy steps. Panasonic Connect digital signage solutions combine high quality 4K professional displays, interactive technologies and network-based multimedia content. 

NETGEAR to Debut M4350 Series

The NETGEAR and InfoComm 2023 logos.

(Image credit: NETGEAR)

The NETGEAR Pro AV team will debut its latest innovation, the M4350 series of fully managed AV switches, at Booth 3723. Designed for even the most demanding AV-over-IP installations of up to thousands of endpoints, the M4350 series combines enterprise-class hardware with the simplicity of out-of-the-box multicast functionality and profile-based configuration. The M4350 series features redundant power supply options, PoE++, larger switching fabrics, 25G and 100G uplinks, and port speeds of 1G, 2.5G, 10G, 25G, and 100G. All of this is centrally managed by the NETGEAR Engage Controller.

Building upon the success of the M4250 line of AV switches that pioneered a simpler way of network configuration with a great aesthetic, this new line of a dozen models brings greater scale and redundancy when used on their own, or at the aggregation layer in concert with M4250 switches at the edge. Our groundbreaking AV-centric user interface simplifies the overall installation and configuration process for users with pre-configured AV profiles that have been certified by 200+ AV manufacturers and covers all major audio, video, and lighting protocols.

Traditionally, AV professionals had to use a switch designed for IT purposes which takes a lot of time to understand and configure. They had to learn arcane IT commands and terms and/or hire an IT person to set it up. It was complicated and time-consuming. The M4350 solves this challenge out of the box for many installations with an AV-centric user interface and the Engage controller offering easy, port-based AV profiles to take the guesswork out of configuring a switch when needed. When M4250 switches paved the way for small to medium installations, M4350 models now bring scale and redundancy on their own, or at the aggregation layer in concert with M4250 switches at the edge.

Additional features include:

  • Compact form factor: Standard 40cm (15.7in) depth, front to back cooling, fits in any network rack without requiring a server rack.
  • Redundant PSUs: One internal power supply can be protected by one or several modular power supplies, depending on the model.
  • High availability: Non-Stop Forwarding (NSF) provides advanced High Availability (HA) with hitless failover across the stack.
  • SMPTE ST 2110: Select models offer grandmaster and boundary clock mode for PTP, including profiles for SMPTE 2059-2 PTP, AES67 PTP, and AES-R16-2016 PTP.
  • NETGEAR IGMP Plus: Facilitates multicast setup to avoid flooding the network with AV-over-IP streams and allows switches to be easily connected without any additional configuration.
  • Automatic Configuration: Auto-LAG and Auto-Trunk features make connecting multiple switches a breeze with automatic uplink configuration.
  • Quiet Operation: Controlled thermal and acoustics with intelligent fans configurable in Quiet Mode to minimize noise, or a bit noisier Cool Mode to minimize heat.
  • Speed Flexibility: Uplink options include 10G for midsize audio or compressed video installations as well as 25G and 100G uplinks for larger scale uncompressed video deployments.
  • Plenty of Power over Ethernet (PoE): A variety of options for PoE+ and PoE++ including 10G Copper ports provide up to 3,000W of PoE budget to power AV-over-IP endpoints and other devices.
  • Full Control: Standard web-based and command line user interfaces permit full switch configuration for those setups that demand special attention.

Audio-Technica to Demonstrate Range of System Integration Solutions 

Audio solutions to be presented by Audio-Technica at InfoComm 2023.

(Image credit: Audio-Technica)

Audio-Technica is displaying its full range of system integration solutions at Booth 3554. Visitors to the booth will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with A-T product specialists who can explain the features of each product or system as well as the benefits offered to the installer and the end user.  

A-T is displaying its ATND1061DAN beamforming ceiling array microphone (which features recently announced Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms compatibility when paired with a Q-SYS bundle); the new Engineered Sound Wireless (ES Wireless) line, which offers a specialized ESW-R4180DAN eight-channel Dante-enabled receiver and a choice of four transmitters to suit a wide variety of applications; the standard Engineered Sound line, a modular microphone system designed for professional sound reinforcement and other commercial sound applications; the ES954 Hanging Microphone Array, an ideal, cost-effective solution for huddle rooms, conference rooms and other meeting spaces; and the fourth-generation A-T 3000 Series wireless system, acclaimed for its power and flexibility to operate within the congested UHF spectrum (available in two frequency bands, DE2 [470–530 MHz] and EE1 [530–590 MHz], that provide a class-leading 60 MHz tuning range).  

Additionally, A-T has a demo area featuring live remote sessions with A-T Specialists from the Audio-Technica U.S. Headquarters. Sessions will cover the ATND1061DAN beamforming ceiling array microphone (with Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms Q-SYS bundle compatibility) as well as the ES Wireless system. Visit the booth for times and availability.  

MSolutions Updates Hardware for AV Test Device

MSolutions new AV Tester for InfoComm 2023.

(Image credit: MSolutions)

MSolutions will unveil a hardware refresh for its MS-Test Pro AV test device at InfoComm that adds support for higher 4K/UHD resolutions and ultra-high-speed, wide-bandwidth connections. MSolutions will demonstrate its new MS-TestPro MS-106B model at the HDBaseT Alliance booth (3403) along with its latest HDBaseT Spec 3.0 signal extenders and range of active and passive cables, providing visitors with an overview of their complete solutions for signal connectivity, distribution, and testing in diverse AV environments.

Same as its predecessor (model MS-104B), the MS-106B model gives users a complete solution to test and verify the presence and integrity of AV signals and cables, with support for HDBaseT, HDMI, IP and USB systems through attachable modules. The same device allows installers and field technicians to quickly certify link status for all connections, with the ability to generate reports that confirm system performance and functionality upon leaving job sites. 

Longtime MS-TestPro users have no learning curve, as the MS-106B hardware retains the same portability and ease of use. The handheld device remains lightweight (under two pounds) and small (2.5x7x3 inches) with PoE and battery-powered options, along with a 3.5 touchscreen user interface that is easy to navigate and provides detailed insights into performance parameters and test results. 

Signal Extension and Connectivity

MSolutions will also showcase its support for uncompressed extension of HDMI signals at 4K@60 4:4:4 with its MS-3R Series of HDBaseT extenders, receiving their North American debut at InfoComm. The MS-3R incorporates uncompressed HDBaseT 3.0 technology to extend 4K HDR video (18Gb/s) to distances up to 333 feet (100 meters) over a single category cable, supporting all 4K resolutions including dHDR (HDR10+ and Dolby Vision at 60Hz). The series includes the MS-3R, which supports HDMI connection; and the MS-3RU, which adds USB-C connectivity. Both extenders provide bi-directional RS-232 between sources and destinations, along with bi-directional Power over Cable (PoC) to fuel a device at either end. Both extenders also support HDMI pass-through of all known HDMI audio formats, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. 

MSolutions will also unveil its expanded family of active and passive cables at InfoComm, covering a multitude of USB and HDMI connectivity requirements. MSolutions is now offering its MS-USBC (USB-C to USB-C) and MS-USBCA (USB-C to Type A) passive cables both with its extender sets and separately for installers that need reliable replacement passive cables for problematic systems. The company’s expanding range of active cables, including a new USB-C to HDMI 2.0 cable (MS-HDMI-4KC), provide premium connectivity solutions for a host of AV applications. That includes active cables with optical fiber to support high-bandwidth USB 3.1 Gen2 and full-speed USB 2.0 video and data transport with greater reliability and performance than copper wire connections.

Opticis to Display Extenders

A pair of extenders from Opticis to be showcased at InfoComm 2023.

(Image credit: Opticis)

Opticis will be at Booth 2424 with a several new extenders for video-over-fiber projects. 

DPFX-1F14-TR and DPOC-14Nx

Opticis will introduce DisplayPort 1.4 extenders: the DPFX-1F14-TR and DPOC-14N. Both products support 8K DSC (7096x4320) at 60Hz without any compression.

The DPFX-1F14-TR, DisplayPort 1.4 optical extender, transmits DisplayPort 1.4 signal up to 650 feet (200 meters) over one LC multi-mode fiber. It offers additional extension up to 10 feet (3 meters) on both transmitter and receiver module for the convenience and ease of use at the application.

The DPOC-14N, DisplayPort1.4 Active Optical Cable enables end users to transmit DisplayPort 1.4 signal up to nearly 330 feet (100 meters) over hybrid cable. 

With the advantage of being able to transmit long distances without compression and signal loss, both products are suitable for esports, flight simulation, and rental staging field.


Opticis, will also introduce the latest 4K HDMI extenders: HDFX-700-TR, HDFX-500-TR, and HDHF-4K.

Both the HDFX-700-TR and HDFX-500-TR transmit HDMI 2.0 signal up to 650 feet (200 meters) over one LC multi-mode fiber(OM3). Also, both products are designed to inter-operate to offer flexibility in installation environment. When direction connection is required, HDFX-500-TR can be used whereas HDFX-700-TR can be used when transmitter and/or receiver required to be placed in distance.

As resolution of the display continues to advance, the importance of transmitting high-resolution signal will increase. Opticis 4K extender series will help users to experience original video signal without single pixel loss.

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