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Everybody In

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InfoComm 2018 was a blast. It was my first time experiencing the show as a non-exhibitor. It was different, that’s for sure, but different in a good way. I wasn’t chained to a booth and I got to explore the show floor and attend classes. I saw innovation firsthand, met plenty of new #AVTweeps, and ran my first Show Daily. It was fabulous to say the least.

But, like most of you, I’m ready for a vacation. In my case, I’m not traveling; I’m taking a staycation. Shortly, I’ll be spending time with my family visiting various Chicago attractions like one of my all-time favorite places—Wrigley Field. Of course, that got me thinking about this year’s slogan for the Cubs: “Everybody In.” For those of you who don’t know, the Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon kicks off each season with a phrase for the team to rally around, the most notable of which has been “Try Not to Suck.”

“Everybody In,” according to Maddon, is a great slogan because “We are all trying to be this altruistic team person who puts the group ahead of the individual.” I can’t think of a better motto than that for the AV industry right now.

Our industry is expanding in ways we never imagined, and we’re all working together to create the next great AV experience. Manufacturers are creating relationships with likeminded firms to create an AV ecosystem; some of them, like Aurora Multimedia, are even creating open-source platforms and working with competitors for the betterment of the industry. Integrators are forming partnerships with furniture companies to create truly collaborative workspaces. Consultants are treating end users like cohorts instead of clients, and ensuring they’re up to speed with the latest advances in AV and that they understand what type of products they’ll need in their space.

With all these twists and turns, we’re hedging bets on where the industry is headed. Are we expanding to include content creators and experience designers? Are end users taking the jobs of integrators with DIY trends? Will we all be working for IT firms in five years? Anywhere we land, Everybody In.


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