Avnu Alliance Announces New Milan Associate Membership: What it Means for the Pro AV Industry

Earlier this year at the ISE trade show, Avnu Alliance, an industry consortium driving open, standards-based deterministic networking, approved a Milan Module Certification Mechanism to allow manufacturers of professional audio-video modules to test and certify Milan modules through Avnu Alliance. According to the association, by using certified Milan modules, manufacturers can quickly and easily develop professional audio devices built on Milan, saving development time and costs.

At the same time, Avnu Alliance member Neutrik announced the first Milan Audio Module under development

Now, with the Milan Associate membership, announced Nov. 9, companies can join Avnu Alliance with an entry-level membership costing $1,000 per year in order to certify that products using Milan-certified modules are fully tested, certified, and can be marketed with the Milan-certified logo.

Avnu Pro AV and Milan founding members Henning Kaltheuner, d&b audiotechnik; Richard Bugg, Meyer Sound; and Genio Kronauer, L-Acoustics, weigh in on the new membership level and how it will support pro AV industry growth.

AVNETWORK: First and foremost, what are the benefits of implementing Milan into a pro AV system?

Henning Kaltheuner, d&b audiotechnik

Henning Kaltheuner

HENNING KALTHEUNER: At its core, Milan removes the guesswork for manufacturers and integrators trying to navigate the complicated and fast-evolving world of networked AV. Milan is based on deterministic and synchronous TSN Ethernet technology for highest reliability, best audio quality, and easiest deployment of AV networking. Milan devices assure on-time network delivery that is also scalable and flexible, as well as easy to set up and use.

Another benefit is that Milan clearly defines what features, functionality, and requirements to include in AV products to make them work with others on the market—there is no more trial and error or guessing. Milan-certified devices simply work together.

AVN: Can you share a little bit more detail about the new membership level? What are the core benefits of Milan Associate membership?

Richard Bugg, Meyer Sound

Richard Bugg

RICHARD BUGG: We created a mechanism to support Milan module development that will make it easier for pro audio manufacturers to add Milan to their product lines, and now we’re proud to open this entry-level membership that will lower the threshold for companies of all sizes to certify and market Milan devices.

Milan Associate members can participate in pre-cert plugfests and get access to Avnu test tools for in-house product testing at a reduced rate.

AVN: What kinds of Milan products can you certify with Milan Associate membership? 

Genio Kronauer, L-Acoustics

Genio Kronauer

GENIO KRONAUER: The membership allows companies to certify Milan end devices including pro audio end devices, from single loudspeakers and microphones to complex multichannel mixing desks and multiport conferencing systems. These devices may incorporate a small bridge with maximum of two ports per network.

AVN: What has the demand for Milan been like? How do you see this changing? 

HK: We’ve had many conversations over the past year with companies from the pro audio market showing great interest in Milan. As the number of connected devices increases and data and network connections quickly grow, AV will increasingly reside on the network and become a bigger part of the overall IT ecosystem. Additionally, we see networking as critical for future pro AV industry continuity, particularly in the uncertain times post-pandemic.

Milan is uniquely positioned to keep pace with this dynamic industry. Put simply, manufacturers who implement and certify for Milan can be confident in the protection of their investment with this future-proof IEEE networking standard that has long-term support.

This is an important step toward a growing Milan ecosystem. Avnu Alliance’s Certification Task Group is also working diligently to create low-cost test tools and test plans that will streamline the path to certification and market for Milan devices. We now have more membership options, Milan-certified modules are coming soon, and additional methods for easier, less expensive testing are in the works. We expect the Milan ecosystem to grow leaps and bounds with these pieces coming together to support Milan demand.

Katie Makal is the content manager for Systems Contractor News.