Once Again, LUMA Projection Arts Festival Transports Visitors to Imaginary Places

2021 LUMA Projection Arts Festival
2021 LUMA Projection Arts Festival (Image credit: Panasonic)

Sidelined in 2020 by the pandemic, the LUMA Projection Arts Festival (LUMA) was able to shine bright, Sept. 10-11, 2021, by transforming the urban landscape of downtown Binghamton into a visual storytelling journey.

Since 2015, LUMA has given visual artists the freedom to transform historic architecture into immersive visual experiences unlike any other. By using Panasonic’s 4K laser projectors, lenses, and projection mapping technologies, artists can transform their visual imaginations into works of colorful and immersive art installations bringing together the entire city of Binghamton, NY.

As a LUMA strategic partner, Panasonic’s PT-RQ22KUPT-RZ21KU and PT-RZ31KU 3-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE laser projectors, along with a wide range of Panasonic lenses, will be used across a variety of festival locations to bring artists’ visions to life. All the laser projectors streamline the setup and execution of each installation, while offering high reliability ensuring the visuals are clear, crisp, and vibrant throughout the entire event.

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“Panasonic technology and engineering support has given LUMA the ability to focus on our primary vision—telling stories from cutting-edge artists,” said Tice Lerner, LUMA co-founder. “Having the best image quality at our fingertips with a team of engineers who know their tech inside and out is game changing.”

A Journey Through LUMA Visual Installations

Panasonic enables LUMA to transform the historic architecture of downtown Binghamton, NY into a digital fine art visual display with large 3D projection mapping technology as the artistic medium. Panasonic’s high-brightness, high-performance and reliable technology provides easy-to-use, pre-programmable and sustainable capabilities perfect for the event, allowing the artists to simplify the projection mapping process by covering the entire building with perfectly blended visuals.

“We noticed an immediate difference in quality when using a Panasonic laser projector for the first time,” said Joshua Bernard Ludzki, co-founder and operations director for LUMA. “There was something almost surreal about the vibrancy and contrast compared to what we were used. Panasonic’s technology is core to delivering the level of illusion and excitement that LUMA creates for guests.”

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Take a journey below through some of the immersive outdoor gallery installations thanks to Panasonic’s 4K projection technology.

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