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Are You Ready for AV Week - Take Out the AV Garbage by Christopher Maione

AV Week – October 16 - 22
You’ve got one more week to prepare for AV week - a “holiday” started by InfoComm International a few years ago. The purpose and intent of AV week is to raise awareness of AV technologies and to promote the businesses and individuals within the AV industry.

It’s not yet an official holiday – and it is doubtful the Obama administration will be declaring it a national holiday. Perhaps if they had invested that half-a-billion dollars in AV technologies instead of that bankrupt solar panel company – they would have at least ended up with a few flat panels.

Interestingly, AV week is also coincides with the week around my birthday – somewhat fitting as I have devoted most of my adult business life to the pursuit of the AV truth, the betterment of the AV world and in search of the AV Holy Grail. So far, there are only a few AV truths and I have not yet found the AV Holy Grail – but I’m getting very close!

So for my part in AV week I’m doing what I can to promote and publicize this soon-to-be, internationally recognized holiday. First, I’m writing this blog, next, I’m sending out an informative eMail blast so others can join in the celebration – and last, and certainly most, I am happy to announce the launch of the AV industry’s first eWaste program. We spent nearly a year looking at national vendors which would work with us to properly reclaim, reuse and recycle old AV equipment and systems.

With the support of PGAV and Global Electronics Recycling and in an effort to make Green initiatives easy and cost effective for the audiovisual industry, discarded AV Systems and equipment can be picked up at no cost for recycling. The AV equipment is then “processed” where raw materials are recovered.

Processed materials include:
• Shredded Wire
• Shredded Boards
• Reclaimed Metals
• Reclaimed Heat Sinks
• Reclaimed Batteries
• Processed Plastics
• Bulk Copper

The process is simple and straightforward – if you have AV equipment (at least a full height rack’s worth) just send an email to A representative from PGAV will contact you and assign you an AV eWaste reference number and a pickup will be scheduled. All equipment will be taken “as is” and we just ask that the racks be wrapped in shrink wrap. After the equipment is processed a Certificate of Destruction and Recycling will be issued.

AV Consultants:
Consultants call or email PGAV to receive an eWaste number which can be included in your specifications and that can identify the removal and proper disposal of any AV Systems which are being upgraded or replaced.

AV System Integrators:
Do your part in our industry to see that AV systems & equipment are properly processed and recycled. Your efforts will not only be environmentally responsible but will assist PGAV to develop additional programs which will help our industry continue on the path toward increased sustainability.

End User Clients:
If you have AV Systems which need to be discarded please call PGAV and we can arrange an eWaste ticket to be opened on your behalf. It’s an easy way for facilities to incorporate additional eco-friendly and sustainable practices into day-to-day processes.

Proceeds from these efforts will go to benefit various Green initiatives within the AV industry sponsored by Project Green AV and to InfoComm’s sustainable programs and community outreach.

So, take the first STEP towards growing your sustainability programs and practices and do the environmentally responsible thing with out-dated and old AV equipment. Your business will benefit, your clients will be happy, and you’ll celebrate AV Week in a way that makes a positive impact for change. The AV Week countdown begins now…

For more information:

Project Green AV
Project Green AV is the source for news, education, information and community about Green ideas, business practices, processes and products for the audio visual industry. For more information about PGAV, please contact Gina Sansivero at gms@project or 516-901-8542.

Global Electronic Recycling
Global Electronic Recycling is a leader in the electronic recycling industry focused on providing "Specialized Recycling Solutions" tailored for specific needs.

Christopher Maione Associates
CMA specializes in all aspects of AV business, technologies, emerging trends and marketing strategy. CMA supports the strengthening of the AV industry by continually setting benchmarks for improving the quality of the products and services AV professionals deliver. For more information about CMA, please contact Christopher Maione at or 631-759-0357.

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