The AV Blockchain and Predictive Analytics

Many of us associate blockchain with cryptocurrency, but there’s an argument that one day, tech managers, AV manufacturers, and AV integrators will be able to apply it to their systems. “That’s where we can get really interesting with approaches to predictive analytics, predictive troubleshooting, and things like that,” said Frank Pellkofer, co-founder of Utelogy, the software-defined AV control platform.

“You can take trends [from] across the globe—customers that aren’t even my customers, but their data could be generically presented, and I can understand: in an AV environment for a university system, or an AV environment for an enterprise, if this device fails at this layer, then you have a 70-percent chance of 17 per 100 rooms going down. That kind of information will save organizations huge relative to their total cost of ownership.”

Carolyn Heinze is regular contributor to NewBay Media’s AV Technology and SCN magazines. To learn more about blockchain and ProAV, read this blockchain and IoT article.

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