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Road to InfoComm: Q&A with Tim Bailey

Road to InfoComm: Q&A with Tim Bailey

SCN sat down with integrators and consultants to learn a bit about their InfoComm show priorities: what they want to see, what they hope to achieve, what they think will steal the show, and so on. This perspective comes from Tim Bailey, director of firstwave services, Waveguide Consulting.

1. What is your number 1 priority (or top priorities) at InfoComm this year?

The show for me is primarily about maintaining and creating valuable personal contacts in the industry. With the large geographic and application footprints that Waveguide works it’s really important to stay connected even if we are not currently working in a particular area, as we will be back.

2. What do you see as the top areas/categories to focus on for training, whether you are participating or recommending for others.

There are a few areas I am focused on this year. First, those who have been in the AV industry for a while have to continue improving our IT skills. Second, I am always looking for better ways to recruit and train new members of the industry. Third, I enjoy finding opportunities to challenge or confirm my own skills or concepts particularly on topics which frequent our issues log.

3. What technological trends will you be on the lookout for most?

Coming from an operations mind set, I am looking for better tools to manage large scale deployment throughout the life systems – design to deployment to operation to refresh.

4. What business or vertical market trends will you be pursuing most?

We continue to do great work in enterprise standardization. Finding partners in all aspects of the industry who also value a full standards program process beyond specific systems designs is of great value.

5. What specific product categories or service solutions are you most interested in seeing or hearing about?

I am continuing to watch the development of edge network devices for our industry. While there are challenges with bandwidth and time synchronous delivery, I do not think proprietary connectivity is good for the longevity of our work.