Viju Upgrades Oil and Gas Onshore Operations Center with Lightware 25G Router for Increased Power and Simplified Infrastructure -

Viju Upgrades Oil and Gas Onshore Operations Center with Lightware 25G Router for Increased Power and Simplified Infrastructure

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Headquartered in Stavanger, Norway and with 13 offices worldwide, Viju Group recently completed its first 25G project with help from a Lightware 25G 160x120 Hybrid router. Lightware USA is the US distributor of products from Lightware Vi

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sual Engineering in Budapest, Hungary.

Viju Group is a global visual communications specialist that transforms the way people collaborate in the workplace. Viju had enjoyed good experiences using Lightware's MX series of routers in installations and felt confident stepping up to the 25G when it was charged with refurbishing a mission-critical Onshore Operations Center (OOC) for a large offshore oil and gas installation.

The OOC combines two operation centers in a single room; both centers are manned 24/7 and are essential for drilling operations. Five collaboration and meeting rooms in the same facility deploy the Lightware 25G router. All computers and other sources are housed in a shared data room. Since a massive number of unique sources must be available to control desks and the big screens, flexibility in any-source-to-any-screen was required.

The client's original five-year old installation had experienced low stability due to a complicated infrastructure. There were lots of intermittent errors, disruption of operations, and cascading of matrices and signal paths. Cascading switching points made controlling sources a nightmare, and cascading resulted in a very complicated user interface. In addition, there was an urgent need to upgrade the OOC's display solutions to improve quality and flexibility.

Viju was tasked with simplifying the infrastructure and delivering a better user experience with very high 24/7 stability. That meant eliminating cascading matrices and reducing the number of signal path components and fault sources; simplifying the user experience and adding new functions; and upgrading screens with higher resolution, improved image quality and the flexibility of cluster walls.

Viju was further challenged to implement the refurbishing without disrupting ongoing drilling operations; only one weekend was free of ongoing operations during the commissioning stage. Viju had to use to existing DVI cabling and extend many of the cables to reach the 25G matrix. And it made sure the customer could tolerate a single point of failure.

The Lightware 25G router quickly proved to be a good choice. Its 160x120 switching capacity eliminated the need for cascading, which immediately simplified the infrastructure. It offered high resiliency with duplication of its core components, and hot swap cards meant repairs can be done during operations. Lightware 25G is a powerful solution for today and tomorrow: It has multilayer switching support and provides future support for higher bandwidth standards.

Lightware hardware "has been rock solid from day one as expected," says a representative at Viju. "We have the best possible support from the Lightware software team, too. We feel in good shape two months into the implementation of the refurbished OOC and wouldn't hesitate to do it the same way again."

About Lightware USA

Lightware USA is the US distributor of professional AV products manufactured by Lightware Visual Engineering in Budapest, Hungary. With the flexibility of the Lightware product line, the Lightware USA team is able to assist with the design for some of the highest performance systems in the world. Router sizes ranging from the robust UMX4x4-Pro up to the impressive 160x160 25G Hybrid give Lightware USA the edge over the competition when it comes to routing multiple video sources to the ever changing variety of displays in the industry. Their array of solutions for extending the highest resolution video formats including 4K and 3D over Cat or Fiber put Lightware USA on the forefront of cutting edge technology.

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