InfoComm 2023 Sounds: L-Acoustics, RCF, AUDAC Bring the Noise

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Get ready. InfoComm 2023  is a mere week away. We'll do our best to keep you up to date with all the products and news information ahead of time. Today, take a look at three exhibitors bringing some audio solutions to check out, as well as a couple of more booths you need to see.

[InfoComm 2023: 'No Stopping Us Now']

L-Acoustics Brings the Noise to Orlando

The L-Acoustics booth at InfoComm.

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At Booth 5751 and its demo room at the Chapin Theater (W320, Level 3), L-Acoustics will exhibit several new products recently announced at the company’s April Keynote at the iconic Hollywood Bowl.

Topping the lineup of new offerings is the L-Acoustics L Series line source array. With its patented Progressive Ultra-Dense Line Source (PULS) technology, L Series comprises two elements designed to work together or independently: L2 above and L2D below. Want to know more about the L Series? Check out all the information here

Also being demoed is the new LA7.16 amplified controller. Following last year’s launch of the L-Acoustics LA7.16i for the installation market comes its sibling for the road. Delivering supreme flexibility to meet real-time power needs, the new model offers a level of efficiency and sustainability unheard of in modern touring applications. The high-density format—16x16 architecture in a 2U design—powers more line array speakers than any similar-size amplifier, meaning fewer racks on tour. This, in turn, translates directly to energy and time savings, along with the ability to address multichannel and hybrid productions while offering a level of efficiency and sustainability required in modern touring applications. The high-density format saves space, weight, and time in deployment.

The new companion LA-RAK III touring rack houses three LA7.16 amplified controllers boasting 48 amplification channels and 48 individual DSP channels totaling more than 60,000 watts of peak power in a 9U rack, with two LS10 switches to support MILAN AVB seamless redundancy.

On stand 5751, L-Acoustics will also demonstrate L-ISA 3.0, a comprehensive, immersive audio software platform for the live sound and music creation markets. Serving the live immersive audio community since 2016 with the L-ISA platform and the immersive music-creating and mixing communities since 2021 with L-ISA Studio, L-Acoustics makes investing in spatial technology even easier with powerful new features in its upgraded L-ISA 3.0. Among the many notable additions of this latest version are new Snapshot and FX Engines, Stereo Mapper, which supports both stereo and immersive content, and exciting augmented audio possibilities with Mixhalo integration. You can read more about it right here

Other exciting products on display at this year’s InfoComm will include Soka, the smaller sibling of the powerful Syva. Launched last year, Soka combines innovative line source technology with a sleek aesthetic featuring nine integrated 3.5-inch MF drivers and three one-inch HF transducers to transmit a wide 140-degree horizontal directivity and a highly controlled 26-degree vertical directivity. Soka and its companion SB6i subwoofer are both an ultra-shallow 3.9 inches designed to be easily enclosed in-wall or discreetly mounted on-wall yet are capable of tremendous power and bandwidth. Soka can also be combined with the larger SB10i subwoofer making it ideal for main music systems in residential, commercial, luxury, and hospitality spaces. Rounding out the range of solutions is X4i, a superbly unobtrusive and highly weatherized coaxial loudspeaker tailored to the unique needs of installation applications.

Discover RCF's Audio Innovations

RCF logo to showcase at InfoComm 2023.

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The RCF team showcases a new level of audio empowerment at Booth 4971. Visitors can experience the latest collection of high-power sound systems, Business Music solutions, and installation products. Each product line is meticulously designed to deliver versatility and control.

Explore the COMPACT Series, the C32 and C45 point source speakers, HL 6 passive line array module, and the MK3 release of the 7 Series active subwoofers, 702, 705, and 708. The new 7 Series subwoofers offer improved sound quality, introducing the Bass Motion Control algorithm and a new DSP enclosed in an entirely new wooden cabinet with polyurea paint and an updated grill design.

New power amplifiers, such as DMA Series of matrix DSP amplifiers and IPS/QPS high-power amp series will be on display. Demo Room W224H will focus on the XPS 16K power amplifier paired with the new SUB 8029 for a system demo.

Hear the performance of the new 6,000 Watt install subwoofer SUB 8029. The SUB 8029 features two hyper-vented, high-excursion 19-inch neodymium woofers with a 4-inch inside/outside voice coil, making it the most powerful RCF sub ever produced, delivering tight and controlled low frequencies down to 25 Hz with extreme linearity and astonishing speed.

Introducing the Atellio Family by AUDAC

The AUDAC Atellio Family to by unveiled at InfoComm 2023.

(Image credit: AUDAC)

What if you could set up such a solution and control it with your custom dashboard in just a few minutes? AUDAC will introduce the Atellio family at Booth 5473, consisting of:

  • The Luna series Audio matrix processors
  • The NCP series Networked control panels
  • The NWP series Networked wall panels
  • The NPM series Networked paging microphones

Modularity, flexibility, and sustainability were the main criteria when starting the design process, and this is evident when you zoom in on the various product ranges. You can go for a centralized approach in which you choose one of AUDAC's robust next-gen matrix systems that excel in ease of installation and flexibility of use. These matrix systems represent top-notch features and performance, which additional software licenses can further expand. This way, you don't pay for features you might not need at first, but if the situation changes, you can quickly access them without making hardware investments.

But at the same time, AUDAC is telling you that you don't need a centralized installation for some applications. AUDAC believes in making each product more intelligent and powerful than ever. Every element comes equipped with the necessary processing power and unique features making them perfect to be used as a solution. This way of working allows for more flexible solutions with fewer products yet enables AUDAC to cover a broader range of solutions with a more compact and sustainable product range.

The networked control panels, wall panels, and paging microphones support Dante/AES67 and are PoE Powered and network controlled, allowing the highest flexibility and installer convenience, requiring connectivity by single networking cabling. At the heart of it all, you can find AUDAC Touch. With this single OS platform, we offer the most intuitive way of designing and managing your installation, from configuring audio processing to sequenced third-party integration.

Be sure to also catch...

Jetbuilt Unveils Latest Feature of Bridging the Silos

The Jetbuilt Bridging the Silos diagram.

(Image credit: Jetbuilt)

Jetbuilt will showcase new features as part of its “Bridging the Silos” initiative at Booth 4009. Jetbuilt recently introduced Project Registration, and will unveil the latest development, Bid Processing, at InfoComm 2023.

Bid Processing empowers consultants and end users to handle their entire project bidding process within Jetbuilt. Consultants and end users can send a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) to one or more of their preferred integrators directly within Jetbuilt. Integrators receive the fully populated project into their Jetbuilt environment, cutting their response time dramatically. Requests for Information and documentation sharing are handled inside the platform. Integrators then submit their proposals, and the consultant or end user can evaluate with efficiency and award the project. Bid Processing eliminates redundancies in workflow by allowing industry professionals to collaborate within Jetbuilt’s platform; meanwhile, eliminating countless double-entry or importing of Excels or PDFs.

Product Registration allows the manufacturer to confirm product fit, recommend a better-suited or upcoming product, and share availability, discontinuation, incentives or other information that could be critical to the project. Jetbuilt helps designers and integrators to avoid error-prone submissions due to double entry or tracking various email threads, while helping manufacturers manage requests coming from all directions.

Crimson AV: The More Than Mounts Manufacturer

CrimsonAV at IncfoComm 2023.

(Image credit: CrimsonAV)

CrimsonAV will occupy Booth 1674 where it will showcase its dvLED solutions, along with its new line of QSR menu boards, kiosks, digital signage elements, and its substantial line of AV mounts for a variety of applications. It has partnered with Telecine Multimedia to power its content across its video walls, and digital signage displays in the booth. In addition to CrimsonAV booth showcases, attendees should register to attend its Manufacturers Training session as well as the CrimsonAV sponsored event in conjunction with the Experience United Social Club (XUSC) during InfoComm.

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