blinx, Vizrt Have Shaken Up Immersive Viewing Experiences—Here's How

An immersive billboard comes to life with headsets seemingly coming off the billboard.
(Image credit: Vizrt)

Vizrt has partnered with start-up blinx to empower the younger generations—like Gen Z and millennials—through storytelling that matters to them. blinx is reshaping traditional storytelling by focusing on fresh perspectives to deliver eye-catching narratives that have been produced by the younger generation, for the younger generation.  

blinx does so by integrating Vizrt's advanced technology to build immersive experiences across multiple screens and platforms, including the use of XR technology and Viz AI to create what blinx claims is the world’s first ‘digital twin’ launched by a media hub in the Metaverse.

Recent research by Vizrt found a shift in the viewing habits of younger generations, as they no longer engage in traditional storytelling and instead, prefer social-first content, which has led to blink's disruptive style of storytelling. Launched in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), blinx goal is to meet the specific, advanced viewing needs and expectations of this generation.  

To deliver to an audience that prefers graphics-heavy content, blinx is relying on Vizrt storytelling tools including Viz Virtual Studio, Viz Engine, and Viz Pilot Edge to create high-quality virtual sets, augmented reality (AR) graphics, and interactive graphics.   

A Metaverse Studio from blink using Vizrt technology.

(Image credit: Vizrt)

This is in response to further findings from the survey, revealing that Gen Z and millennials need broadcasters to step up by providing more on-screen graphics (40%) to further engage (48%) and simplify complex stories (49%).   

Alongside graphics tools, blinx are also using Viz Vectar Plus, Viz Mosart, and Viz Multiplay for live video mixing, automation of live broadcasts, and managing video content across multiple screens. The technology is fully integrated with Mimir and DiNA systems, ensuring a smooth and seamless delivery.   

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