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Creating Successful Employee Experiences

We often discuss the user experience. But how often do you think about the experience for the most valuable part of your business—your employees?

According to Mark Levy—who will be the keynote speaker at the 2019 AV Executive Conference—the most important thing a business can do is not screw up its culture. And that starts with the employee experience.

Mark Levy, AVEC 2019 Keynote Speaker

Mark Levy, AVEC 2019 Keynote Speaker

"The key to employee experience is to start with that notion of treating your employees like you would want them to treat your customers," said Levy. "When you do that, then they're going to understand how best to deliver on the company's promise. They're also going to feel more engaged, and, therefore, [be more] productive.'"

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As part of the engagement strategy, Levy recommends having employees be involved in the workplace audiovisual experience. The AV and IT groups can "either act like partners and treat employees like customers, or they can be very transactional," he said.

He advises that brands think about their employees as consumers and consider how AV can help them accomplish that mindset. “It’s less about a transaction and more about ‘How is the work that you’re doing setting these employees up for success?’,” Levy emphasized.

Both digital signage and the AV/IT partnership are a huge part of providing that information and breeding success, especially when it comes to the exchange of information. Companies should consider how visually stimulating their content is and how well it matches the brand and company goals.

“The most critical part of the employee experience is ensuring that they have the information that they need to be successful in their role—and that includes both the content as well as the format,” added Levy.

At the end of the day, what's the one thing Levy thinks companies can do to ensure employee success? "Do things with them and for them, not to them," he concluded.

To hear more from Levy, integrators can attend AVIXA's 2019 AV Executive Conference in New Orleans Nov. 5-7. For more information or to register, visit