Saddle Ranch, Seatac, Merge and Expand

  • Saddle Ranch Productions, who have established their position in the industry over the last several years as a good boutique content creation company, briefed me yesterday at CETW in New York on their acquisition of Seatac Digital Resources. In a move designed to reposition the company from being a pure content provider to having a broader range of digital signage content services, the new company is renamed Saddle Ranch Digital (SRD). Interestingly, this news comes on the heels of the announcement Oct. 26 that that Paul Flanigan had joined Saddle Ranch as the VP of Content Strategy. Things are moving fairly quickly at Saddle Ranch.
  • I sat down yesterday in New York with Kim Sarubbi, President/CEO of Saddle Ranch Productions, who will become President/CEO of Saddle Ranch Digital. Kim has been at the helm of Saddle Ranch since its inception when it was spun off as a pure content provider from Phil Cohen’s digital signage networks, and is looking now to guide it into a new landscape where providing some form of “Managed Services” is becoming increasingly important. I’ve written on this forum many times about this move to Managed Services, but this is a bit different.
  • As complex as the selection of Digital Signage Content Management Software is, in terms of being able to launch a digital signage system with compelling content, the greater challenge is ensuring that the content on the screens is compelling a year after the launch. That is why we’ve heard a lot this past year about “Managed Services” for digital signage– in other words, there is a big need now for companies to provide the management of the digital signage system after it is installed. But note that this move by Saddle Ranch into a more complete kind of content services is addressing more the front end– Saddle Ranch is seeking now to manage content creation services more fully from the start of the project– not get involved in systems or rollout or maintenance managed services. This is a natural evolution, as Saddle Ranch was often partnering with Seatac on projects, leveraging Seatac’s depth of experience– led by Eric Brown, now he Executive VP of Business Development at SRD–on the integrating of disparate digital platforms and formatting content to navigate the distribution minefield that is digital signage.
  • In formal language, according to Saddle Ranch’s press release yesterday, “The newly formed company provides marketers and network operators with a go-to planning resource for end-to-end solutions encompassing content consulting, custom content development, content management, digital architecture, and advanced media integration. “This strategic move makes sense for our continued growth and positions us to bring greater value to our clients. SRD’s mission is to ensure a 100% success rate with a complete understanding of a client’s wants and needs,” said Kim Sarubbi.
  • For information:
  • Kim Sarubbi
  • President/CEO
  • 310.746.5652

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