InfoComm Connections: Netgear

In our series of InfoComm Connected blogs, we're chatting with InfoComm 2020 exhibitors to see why you should virtually visit their booths—plus, you're getting a preview of their latest innovations.

John Henkel, Netgear

John Henkel

Q&A with John Henkel, Pro AV Product Marketing Manager, Netgear.

Q: Why should attendees connect with you virtually?

JOHN HENKEL: Obviously it’s different this year. Gone are the lines at the airport, small airplane seats, bad food, walking miles around a show floor, then walking miles around your hotel back to your room.  Whew.  These are all reasons why people should take advantage of connecting virtually.  

InfoComm Connected is an easy way to see all your favorite vendors in one place without ever having to leave your chair.  What’s not to love?

Netgear has created a demo video designed as if you simply walked up to our booth and asked “What’s new?”  In fact, it is our trade show booth!  You can watch the video, rewind to make sure you heard something correctly, and get the official word on our latest products and services. Plus, you can download the materials you want and easily contact with the team—all from one page.

Q: What's the one product you're introducing that attendees should see and why?

JH: InfoComm attendees might not know about our new M4500 100Gigabit network switches that are engineered for AVoIP.  They have the same out-of-the box, zero-touch configuration of Netgear IGMP Plus that our outstanding M4300 series switches are known for in the industry. People have raved about the ability to simply plug it in, connect any kind of AVoIP encoder or decoder, and it just works. As we are seeing more and more larger projects, the need for a high-speed switch at a reasonable price is becoming more in demand.  So, check out the M4500 series switches.

Netgear has added the new M4500 series 100-Gigabit Network Switches to its managed switch line.

Netgear's M4500 100Gigabit Network Switch (Image credit: Netgear)

Along with that, comes the ability to run AVoIP control software directly on the switch. The M4500 series switches enable you to forgo the need for a separate controller box and simply manage your AVoIP system from the switch. Vendors of varying kinds of AVoIP can load their control software right on the switch, eliminating another box to power and cable as well as a potential point of failure.

Finally, to help you design the right system and get it up and running quickly, Netgear offers free design services from our dedicated, AV-trained Engineering Services team. Available for pro AV installs only, our team is spread around the world with a response time of around two hours.  They handle only AVoIP installations and offer best practices to ensure your system is designed properly and will be up and running without hitch.  Simply send an email to

To learn more, virtually visit Netgear at InfoComm 2020 Connected.

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