InfoComm 21 Inspo: Planar

InfoComm 2021 Inspo - Planar
Planar discusses InfoComm 2021 trends and what attendees can expect to see in their booth. (Image credit: Future)

In our series of #InfoCommInspo blogs, we're getting inspired by InfoComm 2021 exhibitors and learning what trends they expect to see at the show—plus a special sneak preview of what they'll show in their booths.

Q&A with Planar executive vice president Adam Schmidt.

Planar executive vice president Adam Schmidt

Planar executive vice president Adam Schmidt (Image credit: Planar)

Q: What about InfoComm inspires you?

Adam Schmidt: Each year, InfoComm brings networking and collaboration, a renewed sense of creativity and a chance to see never-before-seen technologies that are raising the bar for the proAV industry. This is also true for 2021. The last few years have been filled with many ups and downs and we’re eager to once again connect with our industry partners and peers in person, but we’ve remained dedicated to innovating our comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class display solutions and superior services to support our customers every step of the way. We can’t wait to showcase the game-changing products we’ve been working on over the last year and hear from members of the industry directly.

This kind of dialogue, even virtual, inspires our continued innovation. What new capabilities can we offer them? What challenge are they looking to overcome? What’s unique about their display technology needs? There’s no time like InfoComm 2021 to explore our diverse range of visualization solutions, which can be tailored to customers’ exact needs, and come together to see what stunning and impactful experiences we can create.

We’ll also be bringing this engagement and innovation into our fall and winter showroom events. With 14 Planar showrooms and experience centers located across North America, we’re inspired to connect with industry partners and peers all over the country in safe and meaningful ways. This kind of in-person connection not only gives industry members an opportunity to see our state-of-the-art display solutions in action, but also allows us to get a better sense of what they’re looking for and identify which of our industry-leading products best meets their particular needs.

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Q: What is the most exciting trend you expect to see at the show?

AS: It’s an exciting time to be part of the proAV industry. From the latest advancements in LED technology like MicroLED to emerging technologies like virtual production and extended reality, today’s display solutions are delivering revolutionary image quality and viewing experiences. With the finest pixel pitches and high-contrast, high-brightness technology, MicroLED supports superior close viewing in environments as diverse as control rooms and corporate board rooms to high-end residential. Continued innovation will introduce even more applications and capabilities, and InfoComm offers us an opportunity to better explore what these look like, as well as our next steps for advancing and expanding our MicroLED product offerings in order to support customers as adoption increases.

The last year and a half also introduced a stronger focus on enhancing living spaces, with more people spending time at home. As a result, we’re seeing more solutions emerge with the highest resolutions and varying levels of brightness to support exquisite viewing experiences in environments ranging from dark theater spaces to areas with a lot of bright light. We’re looking forward to seeing what other companies are working on to meet as well as stay ahead of this growing industry demand.

Q: How will your solutions inspire integrators?

AS: Our updated portfolio of leading-edge display solutions will remind tech managers just how diverse our offerings really are to address any customer’s individual needs. Further, I think our latest innovations will leave them thinking outside of the box and exploring the innovative, eye-catching projects our products can help them create. From seamless, bright and ultra-sharp images delivering superior visual performance to industry-leading pixel pitches and MicroLED technology, Planar’s best-in-class display products meet current customer demand, can adapt to evolving needs and blaze a trail for others to follow.

The new Planar DirectLight Ultra Series, for example, is a premium line of fine pitch LED video wall displays delivering always-on, high resolution display experiences for unmatched visual performance. The Planar DirectLight Ultra Series presents several display technology advancements that, in combination, deliver big performance. This includes models with MicroLEDs, built-in processing, off-board power supply and proprietary alignment technology. Planar DirectLight Ultra Series features superior color reproduction and high brightness with most models incorporating MicroLEDs that are much smaller than standard LEDs but deliver better black levels and up to three times more brightness while consuming much less power per unit of brightness.

In June, we also introduced the Planar CarbonLight VX Series, which features unrivaled image quality and versatility for exceptional on-camera visual performance. The line of LED display solutions allows audiences to view content as close as nearly 14 feet away without seeing any individual pixels on the display, in addition to supporting a range of sizes and configurations for unparalleled flexibility in setup and configuration, including video walls, ceilings, flooring and even 90-degree corners. This next-generation line of LED display solutions builds on the success of the popular, award-winning Planar CarbonLight LED Displays portfolio, delivering incredibly realistic imagery and featuring a lightweight, patented carbon fiber construction.

Q: How will your solutions inspire tech managers?

AS: In addition to delivering unparalleled design adaptability, Planar DirectLight Ultra Series features Planar ActivAlign self-adjusting module alignment technology to help maintain perfect pixel alignment for customers over time, combatting issues such as vibration and thermal expansion, which can cause LED modules to shift. Plus, the solution is more energy-efficient as it requires less power and produces less heat, and is also easy to maintain and supports long life, 24x7 reliability. For added support, the new Planar DirectLight Ultra Series also includes the exclusive Planar EverCare Lifetime Limited Warranty, providing customers complete product coverage from controller to sub-pixel and everything in between for as long as they own the product.

As a global leader in visualization technologies, we’re committed to delivering next-level viewing experiences. Beyond that, we constantly strive to further simplify the process of deploying video wall technology. We recognize customer need and appreciation for solutions that support no-hassle video wall design and installation. This is why we offer pre-packaged LED video wall displays for a number of our products, ensuring customers receive everything they need for successful video wall deployment from the time the product arrives. The Planar DirectLight Ultra Complete was deliberately designed to reduce the time, complexity and cost of deploying a 4K or 8K MicroLED video wall, offering customers a package complete with LED display cabinets, cables, spare modules, wall mounts as well as a video controller, remote power supply and remote control. While MicroLED is still a developing technology, we want the proAV industry to know that Planar is a leader in this space today, guiding customers and helping them create viewing experiences that are truly first-of-its-kind.

To learn more, visit Planar in Booth 1642 at InfoComm 2021.

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