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Flex Cabinets: The New Way to Create Curved LED Displays

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Up to now, the only way to create a curved display was to use some form of attachment at the ends of two cabinets. For the most part, you are able to create a concave or convex curve of 5-degrees per cabinet. Building a seamless display when the curve is created at the end of each cabinet, is difficult to achieve.

Vanguard’s Cesium Series features a cabinet that itself flexes. Four individual vertical modules make up the cabinet. Each vertical module allows for a convex or concave angle of 5.625 degrees. The entire cabinet can flex concave or convex 22.5 degrees. Sixteen cabinets can make a 360-degree circle with a diameter of 8-feet. The Cesium cabinets will allow you to make circles, ribbon shapes, cylinders, and arcs of any size. Production companies are using the Cesium flex cabinets to make their events more creative and exciting. This flex cabinet allows for seamless LED displays. In addition to being ground supported, the Cesium cabinets can be stacked or hung. Both a ground support system and a clever small hanging device that attaches two cabinets together are available. Ninety-degree corners are also obtainable. One key allows for fast assembly.

Cylinders and Spheres

Vanguard LED Displays are TAA compliant which means Vanguard can provide LED video displays to any government and/or military project.

Up to now soldier, aircraft, and helicopter simulators have used LCD monitors or projectors.  

LCD monitors in additional to the bezels interrupting the images cannot achieve a seamless curve. The joining of LCD monitors results in a fragmented curve.

Achieving simulation using projectors is a complex, expensive undertaking. Ambient light, shadows, images that are not sharp, and the expense of replacing bulbs are problematic. But the most serious problem in using projection is that, if after having set-up multiple projectors, they are jostled or moved slightly the process has to start over from the beginning, which can be a very frustrating process.

Vanguard uses flexible LED tiles to create a seamless curve—of any angle and size. Ambient light has no effect on these LED tiles. As images are fed directly to the LED screen, any movement in the simulation area is irrelevant. This is the future of simulation!

Rental Cabinets

Those of you reading this blog are about to jump on me saying rental cabinets are “old hat”.

Well, you are right, and you are wrong.

Rental cabinets by definition are installed and dismantled very often. They are exposed to many bumpy, rattling, vibrating truck rides. The stage hands that are responsible for the installation and dismantle handle LED displays in a very rough manner.  

We understand that many companies send out 10 percent spare parts for every event in order to cover any eventuality. Ten percent! That merely enforces the fact that the rental screens widely used in the market are extremely poorly made. The only spare parts you will need using our Tungsten cabinets is 3-4 modules, 2-3 receiving cards, and 2-3 power supply.  

We understand that the assembly of the cabinets from certain suppliers whose name I will not mention are very difficult to assemble. Their angle adjustment accessory is also very finicky.

A purchase of a rental LED screen is not inexpensive. As the owner of a rental screen wouldn’t you want to invest in an LED rental cabinet that will protect your investment?  

Vanguard’s Tungsten Series cabinets are the most-stout in the industry. The front surface of our rental cabinet is covered with an epoxy resin resulting in a cabinet that is impact resistant, water-, moisture-, and dust-proof. Aggressive stage hands will have no effect on this screen. Fold-over edge corner protectors safeguard the corners when placing and removing cabinets from the road cases and during transport. The modules are raised slightly so they do not come in contact with the floor. This cabinet is front or rear serviceable. The eight-point integral locking system enables quick assembly as well as precise alignment. The internal side locks allow for curvature up to 5 degrees concave or convex. The power supply module can easily be swapped as a single unit by detaching four clips, pulling the PSU, and replacing it with a new one. The locking system is very user-friendly. One person can assemble this display.

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