Reflections and Predictions for InfoComm '12 by Christopher Maione -

Reflections and Predictions for InfoComm '12 by Christopher Maione

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I’ve enjoyed writing for AV Technology Magazine for nearly two years and I would like to thank them and particularly the editor, Margot Douaihy, for providing me the opportunity to contribute. It has been a wonderful platform to share my thoughts, opinions, and technical expertise on a variety of topics. It has also been an amazing journey into a world that was fairly new to me (blogging), but that has given me the chance to explore and communicate industry insights from my vantage point of 28-plus years in AV and IT.

Blogging was new to me. I had written before—mostly articles and technical white papers—so the concept of blog posts was refreshing. I was given the opportunity to write about whatever I felt was timely or saw as an important trend in the AV industry. When my blogs started getting “ranked” on the monthly email blast and I made the top 10, I was as excited like the kid who just received a gold star in elementary school. At one point three of my blogs made the top 10 including the #1 spot. Sweet. I think my mom was posting them on the refrigerator at home.

Throughout the AV industry we have certainly faced our share of changes over the years, whether it is evolving technologies, mergers between companies, the changing of the guard for industry organizations, the analog sunset, the integration of our equipment with building systems, the rise of the iPad or the convergence of AV and IT. Whether accepted willingly or reluctantly each of these changes presented themselves and took place and in doing so enabled growth and movement in a market and an industry that is all about innovation. Change IS good….however, being prepared for it is even better.

To my AVT blog followers, thank you for your support and your feedback and for being part of an industry that I still get excited about every day.

So for this blog I thought I would provide a recap of my work, which represents my thoughts, insight, hindsight and to some extent my predictions. I hope that through my blogs I have been able to provide you with information or a new way of looking at things that has helped you “change” in some way and perhaps build stronger opportunities and business for yourself and for the companies that you work with.

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Now let me break out the AV crystal ball, and tell you what I see for InfoComm 2012:

1. Extron will not have a booth or throw the Extron Bash. (Who could have predicted this?)
2. Cisco will have a larger booth and presence and continue to make inroads into the AV industry.
3. The term “Telepresence” will appear (incorrectly) on any videoconferencing product.
4. iPad apps will continue to proliferate everywhere.
5. AMX will have a strong presence and push for their Enova line of Digital Media Switchers
6. Gary Kaye will Rant, Rave, Tweet, FB, Video and social media us to till we say “Drunk Unkles”
6. Commercial AV products will be revealed for interfacing an iPad to an AV system.
7. My accredited training session ISO10 “Managing Multiple AV Facilities on Wed June 13 will be a huge success (as it has been for the past three years).

See you in Vegas!

Christopher Maione, CTS-D, is president of Christopher Maione Associates, a firm specializing in all aspects of AV business, technologies, emerging trends and marketing strategy. Christopher serves as an InfoComm Adjunct Faculty, Approved CTS RU Provider and sits on several AV standards committees.
Facebook:Christopher Maione Associates


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