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Welcome to CCUMC by Robert Schmitt

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CCUMC is the Consortium of College and University Media Centers. We are made up of a wonderful collection of library, media, and instructional technology professionals. We come from the largest universities to the smallest community colleges in the country. Every year in October we gather at one of our member institutions to share our knowledge and experiences, talk with vendors, and attend training that keeps us up to date.

This year's event takes place October 5th-11th at our host college, the University at Buffalo, in Buffalo, New York. During our annual conference, I, and some my colleagues, will be posting blogs here on the AV Technology Magazine Website. We will try to share the experience that is CCUMC. It will include some video and interviews with vendors, pre-conference workshops, keynote speakers, and something special from our local host institution in Buffalo.

Along with the conference proceedings, I hope to include a report on Buffalo Wings, and other interesting things we find in our host city. Tune in daily and join the fun as we share experiences and mentor each other on a mutual path of professional success.

Robert Schmitt is the Media Services Manager at Portland Community College. If you have a question or comment about CCUMC, please write to us at AVTintern@nbmedia.com.


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