Random 2015 Infocomm Exhibit Hall Observations, Part 1

  • The private room in the Samsung booth is worth getting into. There are 3 displays in that room that are from the future. You can’t take photos and I probably can’t print anything specific but I’ll say that they live up to the promise of OLED technology.
  • I’m going to wake up very early for the next two days to avoid having to park in the North Concourse lot. How foolish I was for trying to get office work done before heading into the show. The Shuttle wasn’t too bad though and I recommend it over taking a Pedicab (or walking!) from the parking lot to the West Concourse.
  • The double cortadito from the “Cubano Café” is essential afternoon drinking. Speaking of drinking, was it me or was there a lot of beer on the show floor?
  • Transparent LCD displays on mini fridges are apparently still a big thing, although I’ve yet to actually see one installed anywhere.
  • Listen Audio’s ListenWiFi product has my imagination reeling with possible applications. I need to sleep on it and spend some more time at their booth tomorrow.
  • The show is busy, everyone is here and doing business. The dress code and facial hair in our industry is diverse and wide ranging.

Jimi Gonzalez is manager of the Technology Group at ION Electric, LLC in Pompano Beach, FL.