Countdown to InfoComm 2013 - The Content Creation Zone -

Countdown to InfoComm 2013 - The Content Creation Zone

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Ask any pro AV distributor which verticals they're seeing the most growth in, and one segment is always right at the top: digital signage. The last decade has seen digital signage explode, changing not only the public landscape, but opening up a vital new revenue stream to the world of AV integration.

But as this vertical has expanded, one question persists—where is the content coming from? After all, signage, be it a billboard or directory, displays content. This question has been particularly pertinent for smaller integrators looking to break into this growth segment. While many of the largest integrators have set up in-house content shops, the little guys obviously don't have this ability.

Now, with the launch of the Content Creation Zone (located in the ever-expanding Digital Signage Pavilion), InfoComm is giving show attendees a chance to interact with some of the companies that are providing the content.

One of these companies is DIGICHIEF, a Lexington, KY-based provider of customized content feeds. The company regularly exhibits at Digital Signage Expo and NAB, and is making the trip to InfoComm for the first time this year.

DIGICHIEF was started in 2008 to fill the need that its founders saw in fully-licensed content feeds, explained Gene Hamm, a partner with the company. "So many people had player platforms and software, but there just wasn't much in the content space."

Since then, AV integrators have become one of its strongest partner categories. "A lot of integrators know they have the need for content, but aren't sure about how to implement it in their projects," said Hamm. "We make the process a smooth transition. There are so many platforms with many different needs, and we do our best to accommodate them all. Recently we've even introduced Flash templates and have been working in HTML 5."

DIGICHIEF provides customizable HD feeds on a variety of different scales, and has seen its offerings play particularly well in the financial retail, automotive, and retail dining sectors.

At InfoComm, Hamm is looking forward to getting to know the industry, networking, and hopeful that when integrators leave the show and think of licensed content, DIGICHIEF will come to mind.

Of course, DIGICHIEF is only one of the content providers setting up show in the Content Creation Zone. If you've been looking to break into digital signage, but haven't been sure what to display on it, you know where you're going at InfoComm 2013.


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