Martin Audio Upgrades Display Software -

Martin Audio Upgrades Display Software

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 Martin Audio has released a significant upgrade to its optimization, control, and monitoring software platforms. Display 2.3 integrates the recently announced Wavefront Precision series featuring scalable optimization, while Vu-Net 2.1 integrates control and monitoring for the new iKON amplifiers, Wavefront Precision Series, and XE stage monitors.

For the first time, Display will be available to anyone that registers for the software. “MLA users for years have told us that it does things that no other competitor product can do and that we should make this easier for the industry to recognize,” said Dom Harter, managing director. “Part of this understanding is making Display 2.3 more readily available for the industry to familiarize itself with and to demystify the process. The launch of Wavefront Precision––which has seen unprecedented demand––also precipitated the need to democratize this software.”

Jason Baird, R&D director explained further: “Display 2.3 calculates both inter-cabinet splay angles and the DSP parameters for optimum system performance in any given space. Unlike competitor systems, which generally use a basic geometric calculation to aim their arrays, Display adopts a completely revolutionary and patented approach. Using an extremely accurate computer model of the array to analyze the system performance in a drawing of the venue, it is possible to calculate precisely the parameters for the system to get exactly the coverage that has been specified.

“As a system designer, you get to determine exactly how you would like the system to perform in the space. This includes the SPL contour from the front to the back of your audience region, how much spill into non-audience areas is acceptable—and it will even specify designated ‘hard-avoid’ areas that the system will actively process to reduce spill to a minimum, great for producing a quiet stage or for reducing noise pollution offsite at outdoor events.”

Summing up, Harter said, “With Display our current array product is now integrated into one optimization platform, delivering benefits that no other system can achieve, while Vu-Net is allowing control and monitoring of our leading live sound portfolio solutions, making it easier for our users, and presenting a compelling case for Martin Audio to own the stage.”

Software can be downloaded from Martin Audio’s website.


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