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Visix to Unveil New Version of AxisTV Signage Suite CMS at InfoComm

Visix (booth 2321) will launch the latest release of its AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage software at InfoComm 2019.

The What: Visix (booth 2321) will launch the latest release of its AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage software at InfoComm 2019. The company will demonstrate its new cloud offering, along with version 1.21 of the AxisTV Signage Suite content management system (CMS). The new CMS adds improved UI customization options, sort and filter functionality, organizational tools, and security policies.

The What Else: Version 1.21 refines CMS administrative tools with expanded hierarchy policies for user accounts and permissions. Administrators can now limit the message types assigned to individuals to streamline workflows and ensure design integrity. They can also create new user accounts through a copy function either manually or using Active Directory workflows. New security policy options include password rules, intrusion rules, and auto-logout settings.

The new release also includes heightened sort and filter intelligence for more refined data mapping to external sources, such as calendars, XML or JSON, and easier configuration of data-triggered content using conditional logic.

“This release really reinforces the enterprise nature of our solution,” said Sean Matthews, president and CEO of Visix. “Today’s digital signage managers need intuitive CMS tools to support organizational awareness. At the same time, CMS users want a more personalized experience when interacting with the software. This release addresses both of those needs and fine-tunes the backend so our clients can concentrate on creating compelling content to communicating better.”

Visix will also launch its AxisTV Signage Suite Cloud offering at InfoComm 2019. The enterprise-class solution for cloud-based digital signage provides clients with all the features of the company’s premise-based solution, with the additional benefits of a smaller initial purchase and less maintenance responsibilities.

The cloud solution gives clients 24/7 access to a hosted content management server running the AxisTV Signage Suite CMS. Subscription fees include all Signage Suite software updates on the content management server and media players, CMS monitoring and backups, server maintenance, and access to priority software support. Cloud clients also get free updates for the platform’s desktop design application.

“Cloud is one of the hottest topics in digital signage today,” said Trey Hicks, chief sales officer for Visix. “It makes sense for organizations who don’t have the budget or staff to support a one-time deployment or multiple expansions. It also takes the burden off signage managers and IT staff, because they don’t have to worry about CMS updates and maintenance, which can be an added cost in labor-hours.”

The Bottom Line: AxisTV Signage Suite is an enterprise-class digital signage platform and is available as a bundled or software-only solution. The new release includes personal profile settings that allow individual users to customize the UI with their preferences. Clients can choose what is displayed in various areas of the CMS, such as viewing details or thumbnails under different playlists, for a personalized user experience.

AxisTV Signage Suite Cloud is available for all clients choosing the Workgroup, Enterprise or Campus editions. Software subscription fees depend on licensing, and Visix has financing options available to help offset hardware costs and maintenance.

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