Snap One Heads to CEDIA with Visions of a Future of Smarter Living

Snap One
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Snap One will return to CEDIA Expo 2022 with a broad range of new products and services for Partners, along with a renewed commitment to create significant new revenue-generating opportunities that help Partners build stronger businesses.

“Today’s lifestyles are increasingly being defined by smart technologies that have to be installed, monitored, maintained, and upgraded on a regular basis to meet the ongoing needs of the consumers we all serve,” said John Heyman, CEO of Snap One. “Smarter living can’t be created using DIY products, or smart accessories, with multiple applications. Smart living is not static—it evolves over time, and as such, it requires a robust, reliable and fully integrated ecosystem hinged on smart solutions.

“As such, the traditional ‘one and done’ nature of our industry is giving way to a new and much more exciting industry centered around sustained, long-term relationships between partners and their customers,” Heyman asserted. “We envision a future in which the partner is every bit as important to the homeowner as a doctor, mechanic, or accountant is today. Regular check-ins, daily monitoring, ongoing training, programmed updates, and more, will create new revenue streams for partners.”

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Heyman pledged that Snap One will always strive to provide the products, tools, processes, and business models to help the industry evolve by creating more happy and profitable long-term customers. 

Underscoring this point, he noted that, in the last three years, the company has invested over $200 million in new product development and doubled the number of Local stores operating throughout the United States and Canada, with more than a dozen scheduled to open over the next 12 months to provide Partners with what they need, when they need it, and where they need it—close to home.

Over the same time, the company acquired Access Networks, Staub Electronics, and, most recently, Clare Controls, while adding new third-party brands to its portfolio and enhancing its Partner Portals and Partner Rewards Program to make it faster, easier, and more rewarding to purchase products and get the support and training Partners need, all in one place.

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The company’s pace of innovation on the product front is accelerating and will continue to be a top priority. The OvrC remote management solution has been re-engineered for performance while creating a revenue stream for Partners. Updates to Control4 deliver new features and capabilities that strengthen its position as the most powerful automation platform for smart living in homes and businesses. 

The company’s investment further establishes Snap One as the place where ‘Pros buy Audio’ with Triad PDX series of architectural speakers, Episode Terrain hardscape subwoofers, amplifiers, and beyond.

At CEDIA 2022, Snap One will debut several next-generation product lines from Control4, Episode, Luma, Araknis, and Access Networks—in addition to showcasing recently released solutions like the Control4 CORE Controllers, SunBrite Veranda 3 outdoor television, Triad PDX speaker series, and WattBox 800 Series power products. 

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“As an industry, we have faced some challenges over the last few years, but our future is bright,” Heyman concluded. “People want smart living experiences, and in the future more people will want more of them—which means our opportunity as an industry is growing even as it evolves. We believe that, more than ever before, this future will be created by and anchored in partner integrators who are every bit as smart as the customers they serve and the environments they create.”

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