NAB 2023 New Products: Sony Debuts New Monitor, Pliant Technologies Latest

NAB celebrates its centennial year, as shown in this logo.
(Image credit: NAB)

Sony is heading to NAB 2023 with a new monitor while Pliant Technologies is showcasing its latest CrewCom IP-Rated Radio Transceivers. Here's what's in store at their booths this week. 

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Sony Electronics Debuts Flagship 4K HDR Monitor, BVM-HX3110 

The new Sony BVM-HX3110 to be debuted at NAB 2023.

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony Electronics is launching a premium 30.5-inch 4K HDR professional monitor for critical evaluation, color grading, live production, and post-production. A prototype will make its debut at Sony’s booth, C8101, at NAB Show 2023.

The BVM-HX3110 features a Sony-designed dual layer anti-reflection LCD panel with Sony proprietary signal processing, supporting a higher peak luminance of up to 4000cd/m² while maintaining no-compromise deep blacks.

Along with characteristics such as accurate color reproduction, picture consistency and precision imaging, which are hallmarks of Sony’s BVM-series of monitors, the BVM-HX3110 offers brighter specular highlights and introduces a new optional fast pixel response mode for reduced motion blur. It also provides a wider viewing angle, as well as standard IP interface for SMPTE ST2110 signals, to complement Sony’s Networked Live ecosystem. The well-established BVM-HX310 remains available as a companion model to the BVM-HX3110, offering consistency in color reproduction, gamma curve and operation. 

The monitor’s new standard toolset incorporates Waveform Monitor/Vector Scope (WF/VS), false color, focus assist, closed captioning, 3D LUT processing, and quad and side-by-side viewing modes, among other valuable features. In addition to fast pixel response, supplemental benefits include support for JPEG-XS as well as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) through optional licenses. Additional optional licenses enable tools such as HDR/SDR conversion and a user 3D LUT signal-output.   

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Pliant Technologies Features New CrewCom IP-Rated Radio Transceivers

Plaint Technologies latest CrewCom transceivers to debut at NAB 2023.

(Image credit: Pliant Technologies)

Pliant Technologies will debut its new CrewCom IP-Rated Radio Transceivers (RTs) at the Central Hall, Booth C7521. The new RTs are the latest addition to the flagship CrewCom wireless intercom line. They are available in both 900MHz and 2.4GHz versions and are ideal for broadcasters and any live event where outdoor placement of transceivers for wireless coverage is required.

Available in four models; 900MHz for North America, 900MHz for Oceania, 2.4GHz for CE countries and 2.4GHz for all other areas, the new line of highly weather resistant IP-rated RTs provides wireless intercom coverage where needed, without any concern regarding weather related issues.

The newly designed RTs feature a sleek, yet durable ABS plastic housing along with silicone-molded connector covers to ensure moisture ingress protection for unused connections. In addition, an updated power connector (for use with the optional PPS-48V-02 Power Supply) has also been added to allow for a push/pull quick-release connection and disconnection.

The IP-rated RT supports seamless roaming and can be software selected for either six Normal mode users or 32 High Density users and is 100% compatible with all CrewCom systems and existing transceivers.

Merging Technologies returns to NAB

A microphone and broadcasting equipment in a press box at a stardium.

(Image credit: Merging Technologies)

Merging Technologies will be exhibiting at stand C4517 with its catalogue of product developments, including two plug-ins for the Music Mission (Deesser and BlackHole reverb from Eventide), 336 bands of EQ and the integration of Sonarworks SoundID Reference into the MERGING + Anubis, for seamless headphone and speaker calibration. The Merging team will be demoing this integration on the stand, which now also includes support for multichannel corrections.

Furthermore, 2023 also brings with it the Dolby certification of Merging Technologies’ VAD premium AES67 driver. A low-cost solution for using a Mac as a dedicated Dolby Atmos Renderer workstation in an AES67 environment (Dante devices @48kHz, Merging Devices up to 96kHz), the driver is Dolby certified for both home entertainment and theatrical applications, tapping into a fresh market of potential end-users for Merging Technologies.

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